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20+ must-have startup tools

Danielle Tawfik 35 min read
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Managing or creating a successful startup is no easy feat. A relatively small team needs to cover every aspect of the business – from social media to marketing, analytics, and everything in between.

You may even be familiar with the well-known statistic that nearly 90% of all startups fail. While this statistic can be disheartening, the good news is that we have access to some of the most advanced technology right at our fingertips. There are plenty of business tools startups can use to simplify each specific aspect of their business. 

But with more and more software tools on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. So we made it easy for you. We covered and categorized all the best tools to arm your company with so you can be in the 10% of startups that succeed. 

What are the types of tools available?

The most useful tools depend on a multitude of factors – the size of your company, the goals you are looking to achieve, and much more. There are thousands of specific software options created to help with each different need. These are the general categories they fall into: 

  1. Analytics 
  2. Social media
  3. Business and management  
  4. Content management and planning
  5. CRM and Sales 
  6. Marketing
  7. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  8. Collaboration & Project management 

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1. Analytics

Analytics allow you to gain invaluable insights into the performance of your business. Take advantage of these tools to learn more about your audience and see where your efforts are successful.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most used analytics tool on the internet for good reason. It’s 100% free and includes advanced capabilities like event and conversion tracking, user experience analytics like site flow and time-on-site, plus much more.

You can easily create custom events, dashboards, and more. You only need to install a tracking code — often called a pixel, since the tracking script loads a single-pixel image — on your website to make it work.


Mixpanel is an analytics platform that goes beyond just analytics. Of course, you can install a tracking code snippet on your website and see what your visitors get up to. But you can also run A/B tests, automated user surveys, and more. It’s one of the most established alternatives to giants like Google and Facebook.


Heap is an analytics platform specifically designed to track events and interactions with an actual SaaS product, not just a static website. You can use the event visualizer to help you understand how customers are using your product and create a better solution as a result.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is Google’s free A/B testing and conversion rate optimization tool. It lets you easily create new versions of pages with a visual editor and pit them against the original to see if improvements are working. For example, you can easily swap out headlines, content boxes, add social proof, or other elements you think might just improve your conversion rate.


Optimizely is a conversion rate optimization and customer experience platform that includes A/B testing functionality, user testing, research, and rollout management. You can test every potential new feature or page you’re thinking of launching before investing fully in making the change. It also includes personalization functionality, giving you the option of showing unique content on web pages based on the visitor’s previous activity and user profile.


Hotjar is a user experience, analytics, and A/B testing platform. It focuses on heat maps, a visual format that shows how customers interact with your website pages or app tabs on average. It highlights where the customers hover, where they click, how far they scroll, and much more.


TRACX is an experienced marketing and analytics platform made for “real world” businesses. It enables companies to collect in-the-moment feedback from their customers and employees, identifying areas of excellence and alerting when frustrations occur.

The platform helps drive user engagement in some interesting ways, both through the conversational UI for surveys and innovative contactless feedback boards.

Obviously AI

Obviously AI is a no-code machine learning platform that enables non-technical users to accurately predict business outcomes in minutes – without writing code. In just a few clicks, you can predict which leads are likely to convert, which customer is expected to churn soon, or even how much someone is willing to pay for your product.

Obviously AI can be integrated into your everyday apps and services to automatically take action in real-time. All without writing a single line of code. 

Adobe Target

Adobe Target offers an AI-powered personalization tool. It shows your website visitors and users the most relevant content and recommendations at the right time to make sure they’re more likely to become customers. Plus, you get a testing and optimization suite along for the ride. You can test and optimize your content and app experiences over time.

IBM Product Recommendations

IBM Product Recommendations is a machine-learning-powered recommendation engine that helps you show the right product to the right potential customer at the right time. It bases recommendations on previous purchases, search history, and other user activity. This isn’t a free or easy-to-install solution — it’s meant for large retailers with millions in revenue on the line.


While not exactly a tool for managers to grow their business, Logikfx helps investors understand what businesses to invest in. With Logikfx, busy investors save time on research, market updates and financial literacy. Offering a wide range of bite-size courses, trading tools and daily newsletters, Logikfx has amassed over 40,000 monthly readers worldwide.

AskCody analytics

AskCody analytics is a tool that helps you understand employees’ utilization of the workspace when it comes to the use of meeting rooms and desks. Dig deeper into workplace analytics with weekly reporting of key metrics built with Microsoft Power BI to e.g. identify meeting rooms that are rarely used or often not occupied to full capacity. Data about utilization can help optimize available spaces across the entire organization and help make data-driven decisions to enhance your office spaces and downscaling real estate footprint.


Databricks offers an all-in-one analytics platform that combines the reliability and control of data warehouses and the machine learning support and agility of data lakes. Databricks also provides online training for platform administrators and many other instructor-led training activities.


Vazoola is a link-building service that makes it easy for your website to secure high-quality backlinks. They specialize in partnering with all-size businesses from startups to full-scale marketing agencies and offer custom link-building services that can match any scale, budget, and workflow. Track progress in real-time from your dashboard and take full control over your campaigns. Vazoola provides expert guidance so you can build quality backlinks and improve search rankings!


Whatagraph is a marketing reporting tool built for marketers who work in agencies and in-house settings. It lets you create beautiful marketing reports with over 40 data sources, such as Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Ads, Tiktok Ads, and many others. All you have to do is connect your data sources, grab a report template and your next marketing report can be done in a matter of minutes.

2. Social media

Building a social media presence is a great opportunity for your startup to gain attention and recognition. These tools will help you stand out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, or any social media channel you’re using. 


Buffer is a social media management tool that lets you plan and schedule social media posts in advance across all platforms. It also includes social analytics tools to help you analyze the efficiency of your campaigns. You can also manage comments and mentions with Buffer’s specialized tool.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a suite of social media marketing tools that include scheduling, social listening, analytics, and more. It even includes a special tool for identifying potential collaborators, so you can organically build your audience.


Planable is a social media collaboration tool that lets you plan and manage content across multiple social media accounts. With its recent Pinterest integration, you can schedule Pins and collaborate on them with your team, in one place. So besides reliable scheduling features, you also get an overview of all the feedback and content changes easily, leaving hundreds of emails and messages behind.


Buzzsumo is primarily a content marketing research tool that includes a useful influencer search tool for Twitter. You can use this feature to find potential influencers or collaborators to work with.

One interesting aspect is that it also includes the domain authority of the influencer’s website in the results. In a sense, it’s a combined SEO and social media research tool. is a social media analytics tool that allows you to measure the performance of your social media campaigns and monitor brand health. It is a great solution to track competitors’ paid and organic engagement and filter their top-performing content. It supports all social media channels, including TikTok.

Voice Crafters offers companies self-produced broadcast-quality audio at fast turnaround times. With over 80 languages, you can choose a voice actor to voice over your social media content. Voice Crafters also provides post-production services such as captioning, audio sync to picture, mixing, mastering and more.

Social Status

Social Status is a dedicated social media analytics tool perfect for agencies and digital marketers who need multi-channel reporting and the ability to white label and customize their reports to suit different clients. The dashboard contains all the metrics you need in real-time. 

Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is an all-in-one social media tool where you can analyze unlimited number of profiles and create reports according to your design. You can also track how the profiles, post types, hashtags, and topics rank by various metrics. Using Fanpage Karma, you can also automate the workflows for community management & cross-network publishing and find influencers for collaboration.

3. Business and management

To effectively run any business, you need the right tools to manage your team. Whether it has to do with legal matters, company security, or even event planning, the following tools have you covered.


Sortd is rated the #1 App for Gmail-based teams. It transforms Gmail into an organized workspace for keeping track of email in a team, with assignments, follow-up reminders, and status reports. Use it to manage all your customer-facing workflows, like emails, inquiries, and orders, or use it as a customer support helpdesk, without ever leaving your Inbox! It eliminates missed emails, dropped balls, and lost revenue opportunities, and helps teams to delight their customers.

With Sortd’s new Team Mailbox capabilities, you can collaborate better as a team to deliver an exceptional service experience for your customers.


Docracy is an open-source website that curates legal documents for individuals and companies. The website allows for the sharing and signing of documents such as NDAs, wills, employment, and business contracts, trusts, and all other basic service agreements.


Spokeo provides Identity Theft Protection plans that secure and monitor your personal data to help avoid identity theft. It monitors prospective thieves and fraudsters on the dark web to prevent the leaking and sale of its clients’ personal information. If suspicious activity related to the monitored data is detected, Spokeo will notify its client immediately. In addition, Spokeo provides identity theft resolution services of US-based consultants who can manage your paperwork, calls, and refund procedures 24/7.


InEvent provides an all-in-one solution for large-scale virtual and hybrid events. The platform can embed Youtube videos in the virtual lobby, live streaming, upload pre-recorded videos, and video conferencing, going beyond your usual expectation of virtual and hybrid events.

Appy Pie Connect

Appy Pie Connect is an automation tool, that allows you to link different apps, and facilitate direct data sharing. With this tool, you can automate workflows by connecting the apps and services you use daily. The most popular feature of the platform is Notion integrations which make it possible for users to connect Notion with other applications.
Appy Pie Connect is a no-code platform, so you can easily implement and deploy the integrations yourself.


Hubstaff provides tools to create online timesheets, track invoices, payroll, etc. Moreover, you can also use agile project management, sprint management, and time tracker tools. Hubstaff is meant to help businesses improve their team’s productivity, bring more results, and faster business growth.


Sloneek is an all-in-one HR system that allows you to manage the entire employee cycle. It gives you an overview of your employees and processes thanks to its many built-in features.


Certifier is an online service that helps you create certificates online. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any special software or hardware. Just enter the information you wish to see on your certificate, and this intuitive app will take care of the rest.


Vervoe is a talent acquisition and candidate analysis software designed to simplify the candidate assessment and selection process. HR and hiring managers stand to gain a lot from a tool like this, which uses powerful AI to screen applicants, evaluate skills and competencies and make educated hiring decisions.


Pixpa is a no-code website builder for photographers, creators, and businesses to easily create their website, store, and blog, all in one place. Pixpa’s versatile platform has everything you need to showcase and sell your work, share ideas without any coding knowledge.  


InvoiceOcean is a simple invoicing software that helps you create professional invoices in less than 30 seconds and send them straight to your client’s inbox. 

With InvoiceOcean, you can get paid two times faster because of the automatic payment reminders. Among other core functions, you can use recurring payments, inventory management, customizable reports, add multiple companies and departments, and manage user and accountant access.


Comarch is an  SME Banking Software for savvy business owners looking to efficiently manage their finances. The platform’s comprehensive financial solution removes the need to juggle checkbooks and perform calculations by hand. Instead, its user-friendly dashboard takes care of the nuance of account management, international payments, consolidation of balances, perspective tracking, and even invoicing—all in one place. Comarch SME Banking also provides reliable tools necessary for modern businesses to stay organized, accurate, and successful.


Apploye Time Tracker is a versatile tool for managing employees’ work hours. This time-tracking tool allows you to easily manage projects, tasks, payroll, and timesheets. Apploye can also help you track employee attendance and keep a log of employees’ work. Apploye enables you to make data-driven decisions to improve business productivity and foster growth.

4. Content management and planning

Of course, content marketing isn’t so simple that you can just randomly create content and hope for the best. Without the right content marketing strategy and plan, you won’t get anywhere. The good news is there are plenty of tools to help you plan and manage your content to ensure it’s bringing you closer to your goals. There are also online marketing agencies that can navigate and improve your marketing efforts.


Crosscap has a suite of tools that focus on marketing performance, strategic planning, and execution adopting automation through machine learning and AI. Their platform is a single solution for planning multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Aritic Pinpoint

Aritic PinPoint is a full-stack marketing automation software platform for marketing operations teams or SMEs. It helps you build relationships with leads, automate marketing campaigns and convert leads to paying customers easily. It integrates with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM, and Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Digital Silk

Digital Silk is a creative digital agency company that provides a variety of creative services as well as software and app development, digital transformation, custom web development, and branding. It offers services like web design and development, digital marketing including social media, email marketing, and more.

Viral Solutions

Viral Solutions is a marketing agency that can help achieve the objectives you’ve set for your organization. Viral Solutions delivers results for clients through a holistic approach. With its ability to offer a unique marketing strategy backed by data and a team of obsessed marketers to implement it, clients enjoy new leads, increasing sales, and reaching new heights.

Huckleberry Branding

Don’t have time to create content yourself? Outsource content creation and marketing management to a professional instead. Huckleberry Branding works with business owners, marketing directors, and sales teams to create, curate, and publish custom content, including branded graphics and powerful copy, for use across multiple marketing channels for you.


TalkBitz is a free resource for startup founders, entrepreneurs, small business owners, or anyone who wants to learn content marketing from the scratch. Whether you want to launch a new blog, refresh your social media, or boost your SEO rankings, TalkBitz has all the resources and tools you need to take your brand to the next level.

We talked a lot about resources and resource management, learn more about what it means to to be a resource manager.


Freepik sets out to be the go-to free resource site for marketeers and creatives alike, guiding steps towards creating impactful visual content easily and intuitively. With thousands of free stock images, design templates, vectors, and icons readily available. Along with its new font service and stock video library (Videvo), it strives to help anybody create stunning social media content, logos, and banners quickly and effectively. 

Furthermore, Freepik has launched its new free template editor Wepik, enabling users to actively edit templates within their browser for a hassle-free experience.


Canva is a simple online graphic editor and content creation tool. It offers 1,000s of templates and icons in the free version, and you can quickly customize the template in the online editor. It offers templates based on the ideal sizes and dimensions for each platform, for example, Instagram or Snapchat stories.

You can also create short videos for social media in a presentation-style format to help boost engagement and liven up profiles. With the paid version, you get access to a lot more templates, icons, and stock photos.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is another free tool that lets you create a variety of visual content for social media. You can create everything from basic social media graphics to engaging short video clips.

Again, the tool offers a lot of plug-and-play templates where you only need to edit the text and some background images. It adds animations automatically, so voila, you’ve created a video. And since in 2023, video is a crucial part of successful digital marketing, it’s the perfect time to give it a try.

Pablo (by Buffer)

Pablo (by Buffer) is a free social graphic creation tool that lets you choose from 1,000s of free stock images and quickly add eye-catching text before you share it on social media. It doesn’t offer any video creation functionality — it’s just a tool for creating static social images.


BrandCrowd is a graphic design platform for logos, business cards, flyers, and social media posts. It provides starting business owners and non-designers the ability to craft beautiful marketing materials without the need for expensive and intricate software.

Content Vista

Content Vista is a boutique content marketing agency that offers a suite of content strategy and content creation services. It works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers to deliver strategic content for their audience on search and social media, leading to more traffic, engagement and conversions.

The B2B Mix

The B2B Mix is a high-touch, martech-savvy agency that empowers B2B marketers to reach business goals and earn bragging rights. This team helps B2B clients in multiple ways, including strategy and ideation, content creation, filling talent gaps with specialized skills, technology management, and tactical execution.


Visme is an all-in-one platform for creating visuals such as infographics, video presentations, and documents by visualizing engaging content for your audience.


Ahsuite helps teams keep all client communication organized in a centralized platform.

Arielle Executive

Arielle Executive is a global executive advisory firm that offers exclusive branding services for C-level executives and senior business leaders. The Arielle team helps decision-makers with executive resume writing, LinkedIn profile creating and polishing, job interview coaching, and provides outplacement services as well.


Brafton is a full-service content marketing agency, which means that, in addition to content creation, publishing and distribution, they develop end-to-end digital marketing strategies. Brafton’s team works side-by-side with their clients to determine which assets they need and the best strategy to fuel their brands.

Content at Scale

Content at Scale is a content marketing tool designed to empower SEO marketers with high-quality, engaging content creation. It’s an advanced AI blog generator that runs on three AI engines, capable of producing fully original, long-form SEO-optimized blog posts exceeding 2,500 words in just five minutes.


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5. CRM and sales

A customer relationship management (CRM) platform is a powerful tool to better understand where your leads are in the potential buying cycle and how customers are interacting with your product. You can, for example, see all previous interactions with customers, know if they’ve experienced similar issues before, and get unique insights that will help you close leads and retain their business.


The telephone remains one of the most powerful tools for outreach and closing deals. Using a integrated dialer like PhoneBurner, you can rapidly create and power through call lists, and automate workflows for various call outcomes.


Kommo offers some key features, such as the automation of specific tasks and a chatbot for improving the lead conversion process. Kommo helps centralize communication and information shared between customers and professionals in a single lead card. The platform also integrates with several marketing tools, such as Active Campaign and MailChimp.


Appointy is an online scheduling software that can help you eliminate back and forth communication & automate appointment booking for your business.  In addition to advanced scheduling, it can also help you market & manage your business with features like social-media booking integration, client & staff management, online payments, gift certificates, intake forms, & more! If you need more options for creating custom certificates, there are other online tools available for precisely that purpose. is a management tool for freelancers and small business owners looking to use one tool to manage their clients. As an all-in-one software, Bloom has all the client management tools any business owner would need and easily integrates with Gmail, Quickbooks, and more.

You can book, invoice, and sign contracts within minutes with the software’s instant booking feature. The modern design makes it easy to dive into the features and build your own so you never have to be limited in the way you streamline your business.


Heymarket is an intuitive business texting platform that helps you create personalized conversations with customers. You can read and respond to messages from SMS, Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages, and other popular channels all from one shared inbox.

It also has integrations that let you text customers directly from your CRM and eCommerce platforms, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Shopify.

Trust Enablement

Trust Enablement is a leading sales enablement consultancy focused on helping businesses develop and execute the strategies they need to drive positive, measurable outcomes. They are also a resource for best practices, tips and insights for the strategies, tactics, and tools go-to-market teams need to succeed.

The Brooks Group

The Brooks Group is a sales training company focused on bringing practical solutions to improve and maintain overall sales effectiveness. Comprehensive sales assessments are used to optimize sales hiring, and sales and sales leadership training programs are customized to meet an organization’s specific needs.

Luigi’s Box

Luigi’s Box is a platform that enables visitors to find the products they are looking for quickly thanks to the smart search mechanism with autocomplete, significantly reducing the amount of wasted shopping time. You can place personalized boxes with product recommendations anywhere on the website to increase the average order value.

6. Marketing

This subset of marketing is one of the most well-known for a reason. Emails are a great way to interact with existing and prospective customers and drive sales. They’re also a great way to incorporate personalization into your marketing process.  

Essence of Email

Essence of Email is a US-based email marketing agency helping eCommerce brands sell repeatedly through innovative email marketing. Providing numerous strategic, technical, and content services, the team works with a highly disciplined, process-driven, iterative approach, adapting to customer needs as quickly as the market changes.


Newoldstamp is a top-notch email signature generator that lets you seamlessly create, manage, and distribute brand-consistent email signatures across your whole company. The platform helps to turn business correspondence into an effective marketing channel.

It enables you to drive additional traffic to your website, upsell products and announce events by including clickable links, beautiful banners with CTAs, and interactive buttons for your business communication.


EmailAnalytics is a web-based app that connects with your email account (or those of your employees) and visualizes your email activity. You can see how many emails each member sends and receives every day, their busiest days of the week, busiest times of day, top senders/recipients, and each person’s average email response time.


Barilliance is a personalization platform for e-commerce that specializes in cart abandonment emails, personalized product recommendations, and other on-site personalizations.

A cart abandonment email — sending a reminder when users leave a cart without purchasing — is an incredibly effective way to boost your e-commerce sales without investing big in a new campaign.


Demio is the leading webinar platform built by marketers, for marketers. The software makes it easy to create and run an effective webinar marketing strategy that drives business results. The platform focuses on effective webinar design, a top-tier user experience, and driving attendee engagement. Marketers use Demio to produce live, automated, on-demand, and hybrid webinar sessions. Demio has a variety of pricing options to meet every marketer’s needs.


TrackDesk makes affiliate programs a breeze with its affiliate tracking platform. You can track data from the click level to the conversion level. Determine what affiliates are performing best, which landing pages are performing well, and where ROI is performing best.


VistaCreate is an online graphic design platform that is free to use, which allows users to create visuals for personal and professional use. It is an easy-to-use platform that allows users to create visuals in a matter of minutes for social media, print, and the web.


Graphically is a unique platform that offers unlimited graphic design services for startups and advertising agencies. For turning a startup into a reputed online brand, you need professional yet affordable graphic designers. Graphically is a tool that offers you customized graphic designs as and when you need them.


Podcastle is an all-in-one platform that offers a wide range of AI-powered tools and features that allows you to record high-quality audio solo or host up to 9 guests. You can also edit your recordings, polish your audio and create automatic transcripts to repurpose your marketing content.


Venngage offers a selection of 10,000+ templates created by a team of professional information designers. Make visuals that people love, tell your stories and present your data in an eye-catching way. The tool is free to use and has both a Premium and Business version with extra feature



Woorise is an all-in-one lead generation and marketing platform that allows you to create a wide range of interactive campaigns such as landing pages, forms, surveys, quizzes, viral giveaways & contests, accept payments, and more to help you reach your goals from a single platform. Features include a modern landing page and form builder, 40+ field types and thousands of social actions, 100+ interactive templates, conditional logic, real-time email notifications, multi-language support, built-in analytics, and integrations with top marketing tools.



SendX is an email marketing software for marketers and small and medium-sized businesses. SendX provides unlimited email sends with every plan, powerful automation capabilities, and email deliverability. 3000+ companies worldwide trust SendX for their email marketing.


ZeroBounce is an email validation, deliverability, and email-finding platform that helps more than 250,000 customers get better email results. The software is known for its high accuracy and its 24/7 live customer support.

7. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the areas with the highest long-term potential for growth. The power of showing up on the front page of Google for questions customers have about problems related to your product is unlike any other organic traffic source.

Even as a local business, you can get 100s of leads and customers per month without needing to pay a cent if you can do things right.


Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO platform with keyword research, content testing and optimization, and competitor analysis tools.

You can easily find potential keywords and backlink opportunities by exploring competitor articles that are already ranking for your chosen keywords. You can also explore content trends using the content explorer.


SEMrush is another SEO tool that includes everything you need to start conquering the search results. Do competitor analysis, research keywords from a list, or optimize content for semantic keywords — SEMrush has it all.

It also includes a few social media marketing tools. For example, there’s a scheduling tool you can use to schedule future posts on a variety of social media platforms.


JetOctopus is an SEO toolkit that allows you to get a lot done – from ensuring proper crawling and indexing of your website to analyzing the logs about Googlebot’s on-site activities and their in-depth analysis.

It offers you in-depth website metrics defining the SEO health of your site and helps you resolve content and link-based issues such as duplicate content, 404 errors, keyword cannibalization, and much more.


Moz is another complete package in the SEO category, giving you everything you need for keyword, competitor, and search engine research. Get unique insights on exactly what’s required to increase your page authority and start ranking in Google.


Nightwatch is a suite of SEO tools specializing in rank tracking. They offer highly accurate daily tracking for locations as precise as a ZIP code. In addition to Google & Youtube rankings, Nightwatch includes a bing rank tracker and backlink monitoring & analysis, site auditing, and white label reporting features.


Ranktracker is an SEO tool that provides insights on how to bring more traffic to your website. On Ranktracker, you can research keywords, analyze competitors, check and monitor backlinks, and track your search engine rankings.


Myndset is a Digital Marketing agency specializing in content marketing for Saas and B2B. From keyword research, SEO copywriting to setting up a full content marketing strategy, Myndset can help build the foundation of your online presence and drive the right audience to your products or services.

Sure Oak

Sure Oak is a marketing company that provides clients with On-page and Technical SEO, strategic link-building, and SEO content development. On top of that, they developed their own SEO tools that you can use for free! The most notable ones are an SEO score checker, domain authority checker, keyword rank checker, and a sitemap generator.

Surfer Seo

 Surfer SEO is a cloud-based on-page optimization tool that analyzes and compares your site to those that are currently at the top of search engine results. Instead of assuming what Google prefers to rank, this tool performs a data-driven analysis that shows exactly what your website is missing. With this information, you can make the necessary changes to your site to improve your rankings and get more traffic. 


8. Collaboration and project management

Startup team members must work closely together and collaborate effectively on any project to succeed. But in this new age of remote and distributed teams, that can be hard to facilitate. That’s where collaboration tools come in.

Project management tools work similarly in that they help your team plan out time and resources for a given project, driving your business to the utmost efficiency.


Nextiva is a collaboration platform that offers a business phone app that enables team members to communicate and collaborate from anywhere via video meetings, messaging, calls, and more. Nextiva also offers VOIP phones that make it easy to make and receive calls using the Internet and an ERP-integrated solution to increase efficiency by using a unified platform. is a free time blocking app for Google Calendar that automatically schedules time for your tasks, routines, breaks, and 1:1 meetings. Designed for busy professionals with slammed calendars, Reclaim analyzes your existing schedule to find the best time for your priorities and allows you to reprioritize your entire week in a single click. ( integration coming soon!)

So whether you’re a manager just trying to find focus time between meetings, or an individual contributor trying to make time for all your task work, Reclaim helps you reduce context switching, say no to more meetings, and improve your capacity planning every week.


Draftable is a document comparison software. It utilizes AI technologies that compare documents and PDFs line-by-line to identify changes. Draftable can be used for checking whether legal documents, contracts, or invoices have been modified and offers users a free trial.


Gliffy is an app you can use directly with Work OS thanks to a handy integration. Use it to create drag-and-drop diagrams for brainstorming, creating wireframes, clarifying a process with a flowchart, or making technical diagrams like UML or ERD.

With this tool, you can help cross-functional teams understand complex work, collaborate better, create valuable documentation as they complete projects, quickly onboard stakeholders, and change that status column to “done” faster than ever before — all without ever leaving the app.


Planable is a social media collaboration tool that includes planning, scheduling, and feedback functionalities. With Planable, social media managers can plan and create content for platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Planable’s core features revolve around feedback and approval.

Social media teams can collaborate in real-time on their social media content via comments and replies, which are displayed next to the post. Content can be integrated into one of five approval workflows, meaning assigned approvers always green light the posts before they go live. is a free time blocking app for Google Calendar that automatically schedules time for your tasks, routines, breaks, and 1:1 meetings. Designed for busy professionals with slammed calendars, Reclaim analyzes your existing schedule to find the best time for your priorities and allows you to reprioritize your entire week in a single click. ( integration coming soon!)

So whether you’re a manager just trying to defend focus time between meetings, or an individual contributor trying to make time for all your task work, Reclaim helps you reduce context switching, say no to more meetings, and improve your capacity planning every week.


Planyway is a Trello and Jira-based platform ideal for project management and planning. The app is popular among marketing teams as it allows you to plan out marketing campaigns on the calendar view easily. Additionally, you have a chance to manage your team workload and build a project portfolio to have a single view of all activities in one place. Planyway integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook, and other external calendars so that you can track availability across tools


Podcastle is an AI-powered, collaborative audio content creation platform and video recording software that allows users to create, edit, and share quality audio in seconds. You can also cut and split your audio files and trim and apply different effects to them with the editing tool, or you can remove background noise and enhance your audio files with the Magic Dust tool.
This and other features of Podcastle allow getting quality and professional audio files for professionals and amateurs.


Softr is a no-code platform for creating custom web apps & portals. It is perfect for building internal tools and client portals such as CRMs, Employee Portals, Investor Portals, Inventory Management Systems, and so on. The collection of 30+ ready-made templates and 100+ building blocks makes it possible to get started easily and have a working application really fast.

In addition, Softr offers a wide variety of native integrations (including payment platforms such as Stripe) and an advanced user management system with granular user permissions, allowing you to build complex web applications tailored to you and your users’ specific needs.

Fingerprint for Success (F4s)

Fingerprint for Success (F4S) is a technology that helps you to understand how to bring out the best in yourself and others at work. It features Coach Marlee, the world’s first personalized AI Coach that delivers specific coaching programs based on an individual’s unique working style. Two of the most sought-after coaching programs are Vital Wellbeing, which supports an individual’s health and wellbeing, and Goal Catcher, which helps users set and achieve their goals.


ULTATEL is a cloud phone system that can be used by solopreneurs and teams working remotely. It’s packed with features that take team collaboration to the next level. For example, it allows for CRM integration, which is great for tracking interactions with customers.

WebWork Time Tracker

WebWork Time Tracker is now an all-in-one solution not only for hybrid and office-based teams, but also for remote teams. WebWork is a remote employee monitoring software that allows you to monitor your employees by time tracking with screenshots, app & website usage, and activity level features. Screenshots are proof that your employees work on their tasks and use relevant websites and apps for them. With effective communication and simplified management, WebWork will guarantee productivity in your team. is a meeting note productivity tool that provides collaborative meeting agenda examples for effective note-taking during all types of meetings. This meeting agenda should be tracked in a meeting minutes app to help everyone stay on track. It can also be used as a 1:1 meeting tool to build trust during your 1:1s with your direct reports. By preparing the discussion and taking meeting notes, you will build strong meeting habits and a culture of accountability around your meetings. 


TimeCamp is a desktop time tracker that fills your timesheets in seconds. The tool works in the background, automatically adds time entries, and assigns them to the appropriate projects and tasks. Use the logged hours to prepare an accurate payroll list, analyze projects and employees’ performance or combine them with flexible billing rates to invoice your clients. 

A multidimensional solution:

There are a lot of startup tools out there, enough to be completely overwhelming for any manager or team. So it’s often better to utilize tools with multiple purposes. That’s where comes in – it gives you access to CRM, collaboration, content planning, and project and campaign management tools, all in one platform. Plus, you have the power to fully customize each aspect of your workflow.

Here are some key features and tools of our platform that can help you jumpstart and grow your business. 

  • Content planning at scale – isn’t just a basic content planning or content calendar tool where you can attach some ideas to date. We offer fully customizable templates within our larger Work OS platform like our content calendar template, which makes it easy to plan and manage your content production efforts among your whole team. This means you get access to features like assigned writers, project visualization, automated notifications, and much more.  You can easily edit it to make sure it suits your team’s workflow and approval processes.
Content calendar template on
  • Tailor-made CRM – Most CRM solutions are anything but tailor-made for your own needs and use cases. They’re designed to fit multiple industries, workflows, environments, and team structures. With, you can build a custom CRM solution that will solve everything your team needs without writing a single line of code. Our platform offers fully customizable templates, an automation builder, and more, making it easy to create the experience your team dreams of. You can add as much or as little information as your team wants — for example, keep track of leads in your sales pipeline
keep track sales deals pipeline
  • Boost effective collaboration – Not only do we offer a whole suite of templates and apps that can help your team collaborate more creatively in spite of physical distance, but our platform inherently has a lot of features that facilitate smooth collaboration. For example, all work items are color-coded by status, which helps the right person contribute at the right time. Smart automations can change responsibilities automatically and notify the relevant person their input is needed, and the threaded discussions directly featured on work items mean nothing gets lost in a constantly expanding Slack thread or overfilled email inbox. Not only that, but we also have a fully functioning virtual whiteboard app. Want to spice up your next marketing campaign brainstorming session? Look no further. virtual whiteboard app

If you’re curious about our platform, and how it can advance your business,  you can try it out with our 14-day free trial. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy a user interface designed to be used and understood by human beings.

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