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5 marketing tools for small business

Zoe Averbuch 7 min read
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For a small business that might be competing with other small businesses and even some mid-size companies or corporations, every potential touchpoint with consumers is important. Whether you’re selling a product to consumers or offering a service to other businesses, marketing is essential for driving sales.

In order to help you position your small business for growth now and in the future, we’ll  introduce you to five marketing tools for small businesses that can help you create valuable offers and communicate them to your target audience. You’ll also learn how to use marketing templates to help develop and execute successful promotional campaigns.

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Why use marketing tools for small business?

The right tools can make or break the success of any effort, especially in the case of marketing for small businesses.

Small business marketing tools help you accomplish important tasks such as content development, link building, and lead capture — often without the need for resources like in-house marketing teams or huge monetary investments.

They’re often designed to be easy to use by anyone, regardless of their level of marketing experience, making them an efficient choice. One of the major advantages of many paid and free tools is that they support automation. Automating marketing activities helps you get more done in less time and can improve the quantity and quality of your leads.

Five top-reviewed marketing tools for small business

With so many tools on the table, picking the right ones to support your small business marketing goals can take a bit of research. We put together this list of marketing tools to give business owners a head start on marketing activities.

1. Mailchimp

Email is a powerful marketing channel for businesses of any size. Before you can send marketing emails to individuals, they have to subscribe to your list or invite you to email them — otherwise, you’re sending spam.

Mailchimp provides the resources you need to easily build email signup buttons and forms on your site, and you don’t need to know how to code. Plus, Mailchimp seamlessly integrates with the Work OS.

Mailchimp’s email marketing platform includes templates and built-in tools to help small business owners or small marketing teams craft compelling emails that people want to read. The Content Optimizer gives you personalized suggestions to increase engagement and make it more likely that recipients will click your links or heed your calls to action

2. Semrush

Showing up on the first page of Google search results can play a part in business success. After all, outside of ads, you could quite literally be top of mind for an eager prospective customer. As a small business owner or marketing team, you can better position the company to compete with larger sites online with the right SEO and digital marketing tool.

Semrush for example combines the power of keyword research with content functions like automated topic and writing suggestions that help you craft an entire digital marketing strategy as well as blog posts and landing pages more likely to rank higher in search results.

3. Canva

Eye-catching design is essential for a successful marketing campaign, because it draws people in and enhances your message while making it easier for your audience to understand your message.

Canva is a visual design tool that uses drag-and-drop functionality and templates to help you create brochures, annual reports, logos, digital advertisements, and even visually attractive social media posts. It offers plenty of design ideas, so small business owners don’t need to know a lot about graphic design to be successful with this tool.

4. Venngage

Venngage helps you create attractive infographics for your website, brochures, and other marketing materials. Marketers typically use infographics to share survey results, provide step-by-step instructions, or create timelines.

Infographics make it easier to communicate complex ideas to your target audience, making them an essential component of your content marketing strategy. The easiest way to create infographics is by relying on an infographic maker.

Venngage offers the same benefits as Canva for small business owners — you don’t need an in-house or freelance graphic designer to ensure the infographics look professional, which saves you money.


monday marketing work management software is an exclusive product that serves as a comprehensive tool created specially for marketing and creative teams. With monday work management it’s easier for marketing managers, graphic designers, copywriters, and other team members to collaborate on marketing initiatives.

You’ll get access to tools for ad campaign tracking, event management, product launches, email marketing, and social media posts, giving your team complete control over current and upcoming marketing initiatives. Marketing employees can even use monday work management to submit creative requests, ensuring that all team members are on the same page when it comes to project details and deadlines. integrates with a variety of other solutions and small businesses can also use Work OS as a project management tool to manage more than marketing.

Some benefits relevant to small businesses include:

  • Customizable templates for variety of tasks to help you get started with workflows and marketing efforts quickly and easily
  • Automations that make it easy to scale marketing work as you grow
  • The ability to invite freelancers and vendors to collaborate with you on, letting you work seamlessly with all types of resources to manage marketing for your business

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Marketing templates for streamlined workflow

You’ll find templates for productivity, business management, and even personal organization on We also have plenty of marketing templates to help you strategize and plan your message.

Marketing strategy template

Track all your marketing activities in one place with the Marketing Strategy Template. Putting everything in a single workspace makes it easier for employees to see when tasks are due or ask their colleagues for help. Uploading project drafts also enables employees to give each other feedback in real-time.

Marketing calendar template

Use our Marketing Calendar Template to track each content marketing initiative from beginning to end. With this type of template, it’s possible to track content goals, project budgets, and creative assignments all in one place. Creating action items also allows employees to see upcoming due dates at a glance.

Email marketing template

Incorporate email marketing into your business strategy by customizing our Email Marketing Template for your needs. For employees, this template makes it easier to track deadlines and find out if colleagues need help with design or content development tasks. Marketing managers can also use this type of template to monitor project progress.

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Grow your small business with the right marketing tools

Marketing tools enable business owners and their employees to automate a wide range of activities, increasing productivity while keeping costs low. You don’t need dozens of tools to get started, either. Simply pick the marketing tool that’s most likely to help you solve your most pressing business challenge.

Businesses that automate their marketing activities are more likely to find qualified leads  and convert those leads into paying customers. An easy-to-use marketing platform can help you achieve your business goals. Consider making your home for small business marketing.

FAQs about marketing tools for small business

There isn't a single tool used by every business, but SEO, email marketing, and image creation tools are especially popular. These tools help you develop engaging content, create visually appealing designs, communicate more effectively with customers, and drive traffic to your website.

Digital marketers must be skilled at developing and executing marketing strategies, using social media, and managing the individual components of a digital marketing campaign. You can also benefit from skill in using analytics tools to assess the performance of your marketing content.

Digital marketing channels are all the methods used to reach customers via the internet. Some of the most popular types of digital marketing include search engine optimization, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing. A key benefit of digital marketing is that it's possible to adjust your strategy quickly, making it easier to take advantage of new trends in the marketplace.

Zoe is a New Jersey native gone Telavivian and marketing fanatic. On a typical day, you can find her writing about the latest in tech whilst making her 10th cup of coffee.
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