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CRM and Sales

Pipeline software features of high-performing teams

Danielle Tawfik 7 min read
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If you’re in need of some extra help hitting your sales targets and  better managing your sales strategy/process, you might be pleased to know that there’s a specific kind of CRM software out there that can help you out.

It’s called pipeline software, and it offers a significantly more productive solution than analog alternatives. So, what’s so great about pipeline software? And how can you use it to springboard your business operations, whatever field they might be in?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in this article. Read on to explore the top features to look out for when picking an effective pipeline software, and monday sales CRM is the fully customizable, robust product that’ll fulfill all your pipeline software needs and more.

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What is sales pipeline software?

Sales pipeline software allows you to establish sales funnels, create different stages for those processes, and improve your organizational structure.

Not sure sales pipeline software is right for you? If you’re a sales team trying to scale up, or just a company looking to make things a little easier, it might be a good addition to your workflow.

While sales pipeline software isn’t a magical robot that will do all your work for you, it will provide the structure and functionality you need to make those sticking points a little smoother.

What benefits does a sales pipeline offer?

The overarching benefit that sales pipelines deliver to selling teams is a more manageable sales process, which translates to stronger lead management and higher close rates.

This is especially true of sales pipeline software that offers mobile applications, with 65% of teams using mobile apps hitting their sales targets, compared to 22% for salespeople who don’t. In addition, a sales pipeline platform can also enhance the ability to report on and analyze team performance through dashboards and reporting functionality.

More advanced sales pipeline software applications also give you the flexibility to customize pipeline stages to fit your sales process.

For example, with monday sales CRM you can build your own pipeline with easy-to-grasp drag-and-drop functionality. Or you can get started instantly with a sales pipeline template.

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What are other type of business pipelines?

Sales aren’t the only department that can benefit from implementing a pipeline software platform.

They’re typically used in sales environments — and hence also called a sales pipeline — but also come in handy in the marketing and project management worlds. Imagine for a moment that you’re using a visual tool like this that will bring your sales pipeline to life. Each stage in the sales pipeline would correspond to a stage of your sales process, and as the lead moves through that process, you’d use the software application to move the card or change the status at each stage to show how the prospect is moving through your workflow.

For example:

  • Marketing teams can manage an upcoming campaign deployment by creating a pipeline for all required assets.
  • A software development team can create a continuous delivery pipeline to keep track of all required updates and allow each developer to work more autonomously.
  • Design agencies can use pipeline software to manage the inflow of new design work right through to completion.

Let’s look at a few examples to give some visual context to how businesses use pipeline software.

1. DevOps pipeline

Software delivery teams use pipeline software to manage quarterly initiates, code change requests, and continuous integration development. Capable solutions will allow you to integrate with your bug-tracking software, so data is plumbed straight into your continuous deployment pipeline.

2. Project portfolio pipeline

Project managers who work across a portfolio of different projects might use pipeline software to gain a high-level view of project timelines, store and manage stakeholder contact info, and keep track of associated costs.

5 essential functions of sales pipeline software

So, what’s the skinny? How exactly will sales pipeline software help you manage your sales process? Here are a few of the greatest hits:

1. Visualize all deals in one place

As your team grows, it can be difficult to get a comprehensive feel for your sales funnel and the stages of each transaction. That’s one of the primary problems sales pipeline software aims to solve, though.

monday sales CRM, for example, provides intuitive dashboards for an “at a glance” view of everything your team is doing. Assign “stages” to avoid miscommunications, include commission and contact information, and break it all down by month. It’s an easier way to stay on top of your sales data.

2. Automate workflows

If your team is like most, you spend a big chunk of each day on repetitive, manual tasks. This eats away at your productivity and makes it harder to get important work done. With sales pipeline software, though, you can eliminate much of the time you’re spending on those manual tasks.

monday sales CRM allows teams to set up notifications, alerts, reminders, and automate sales workflows for a more convenient workday. Keep each sales rep on the same page and get more done every day.

Example of automations for email and slack as part of our workflow management software.

3. Track your leads

A good sales management pipeline allows you to visually monitor the leads your sales reps are bringing in. monday sales CRM, for example, makes it possible to analyze each rep’s history, determining who is bringing in the most leads and who isn’t bringing in enough.

With a good lead tracking software and the data it provides, you can get smarter about how you allocate leads and ensure you’re breaking everything up in the way that makes the most sense for your team.

example of leads pipeline in monday

4. Forecast future revenue

Want to anticipate what your team will do this upcoming year? Don’t worry — we’ve got just the tool for you!

monday sales CRM allows you to take a 500-foot view of your workflows and tasks to understand whether you’re on track to hit your goals or not. If you need to adjust your strategy, monday sales CRM makes it easy to identify your bottlenecks and pivot accordingly.

5. Split information by category

Stop wasting time searching for the information you need to get the job done. Instead, segment your information into categories that make it easy for your team to do its job. Separate “new,” “in process,” and advanced leads to keep track of sales activity. Bonus points for defining each step of the sales process with our handy status column.

monday sales CRM has all the top pipeline software features and more

As you can see, pipeline software can deliver several benefits for sales teams, continuous deployment software developers, and project managers alike, as long as you choose a solution with the right features, of course. And we’re here to give you some really great news. the monday sales CRM has all these previously mentioned features and more.

Easily tailor your pipeline software to work for you, without any development help. Customize and edit deal stages, add as many columns as you need, manage multiple pipelines at once, and more.
Create your pipeline from scratch or try using our sales process template, or one of the 300+ other templates we have available. No matter what way you choose to use the monday sales CRM software to manage your pipelines, you can rest assured that you’ll have all the top features at your fingertips to maximize your team’s efficiency and processes!

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Originally from New York, Danielle is a writer and storyteller currently serving as a content marketing manager at When she’s not busy writing, you can find her playing with her 100-pound rescue dog or catching a spontaneous flight to explore a new country.
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