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There’s a lot more to closing a sale than merely taking a good client out for coffee. Behind the scenes, you need to manage your pipeline, field conversions, work on client retention, and fit in some time to finalize the paperwork. The sales game has changed rapidly in the last 70 years, and the Don Drapers of the world are no longer the bellwethers of the modern sales environment. What we can learn from the so-called Mad Men, however, is that the sales process definitely comes with a learning curve.

Our Excel Sales Training Template helps you create a step-by-step process that enables autonomy when it comes to carving out a career as a salesperson. In this article, you’ll learn more about what sales training templates are and why you should use them. We’ll also provide a free Excel Sales Training Template you can use on

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What is an Excel sales training template? 

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An Excel sales training template is a document that helps guide teams or individuals through sales training. It helps you create a training checklist or document that hits all the sales training pressure points and provides leadership with a bird’s eye view of a team’s or salesperson’s progress in mastering new skills or learning your sales processes.

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Why use an Excel sales training template? 

A sales training template helps you manage the various sales training cycles, providing benefits for new team members, experienced sales staff, and leadership.

New sales staff education 

With an Excel sales training template, sales staff can work through training material at their own pace. Clear objectives to list on such a template include:

  • Business ethos and sales approach
  • Product or service specifications and costs
  • Competitor products
  • Unique selling points


An Excel sales training template can include all the data a supervisor needs to track the progress of a trainee. When the document is shared via a cloud network with the correct permissions, supervisors can track progress in real-time.

Accessibility throughout sales tiers

While established sales staff may have the upper hand in terms of experience, an ever-evolving product and service landscape creates the need for well-trained, well-equipped sales staff. As people growth with your organization, they don’t lose the need for training and learning. For example, sales staff must always work to learn about new products so they can better position them for clients, and they might also need to engage in education about new sales methodologies to remain competitive in modern markets.

An Excel sales training template is a fluid document that caters to the needs of new onboard and sales veterans alike, helping to ensure effortless training that keeps your teams relevant.

Making subtle changes to a sales training template can help you use this tool across various industries and support salespeople in all types of positions.

What are some examples of an Excel sales training template? 

While a standard Excel sales training template might include basic training steps, businesses can also include branding, change up fonts and colors for readability, and include additional tabs and sections to align with their own sales strategies.

Retail store sales 

A training template that conforms to the retail store environment should help staff learn to navigate the sales process from the second a client walks through the door. Consider how you can provide access to information staff can reference in real-time as they have questions. Concise answers that are easy to access help staff find relevant information even while dealing directly with customers.

Digital and eCommerce sales 

A workflow that details the process from the initial learning phases such as role definition to proper training initiatives that develop skills across the digital and eCommerce channels is possible with a training template. This can span from career entry to senior top-tier roles such as developers.

Field sales 

In-person salespeople require a completely different skill set than those who focus on digital conversions. Think trustworthy, likable, skilled, and a people-person. Setting up a training template should include an interpersonal skills section along with product and service knowledge, plus accessibility when the salesforce spends a lot of time on the road. offers cloud-based, interactive templates suitable for field salespeople.

Inside sales 

Fans of The Office will relate to those countless sales calls made by paper sales staff of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Dwight and Jim constantly refine their telephonic sales skills in an increasingly competitive sales environment. While their tactics are at times severe, it’s a good example of an internal sales team. Telephone skills, product and pricing recall, and the ability to manage sales digitally will both come in handy.

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Streamline your sales training with’s compatible Excel sales training template

Gone are the days when sales material floats around the office in enormous ledger files that are difficult to use, implement, and oversee. An Excel sales training template adjusts according to the needs of the user and its compatibility with the work OS ensures a streamlined synchronization between the trainee, the business, and management.

The advantages of a sales training template can include:

  • The ability to easily set sales training goals in a dynamic template that updates in real-time and provides effortless collaboration between the stakeholders
  • A clear and defined training pathway that allows users to see the full outline of training provided, and their progress
  • Easy access to industry-specific sales training (internal vs external vs retail)
  • Simple training monitoring and measurement of individuals and teams
  • Accessible information that will serve sales and support staff down the line

While the advantages are clear, businesses can also clearly define their sales training objectives with an Excel sales training template. These can include sales skills, after-sales-service, accurate product information, and adhering to internal sales policies.

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Related templates to the Excel sales training template 

While the Excel sales training template equips sales staff to become ambassadors of a business’s brand and products, there are other templates that can further the sales objective.

Sales process template 

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Our sales process template functions like client relationship management (CRM) software, only in a bite-sized and easily shareable format. Track your client interactions from the first contact and keep in touch with customizable fields that allow you to make notes, create a process flow, track communications, and organize sales-related tasks.

Sales pipeline template 

Manage your sales pipeline from start to finish – or pipeline to converted – with our sales pipeline template that allows multiple views and simple integrations into programs such as Salesforce and Hubspot.

FAQs about excel sales training templates

How do I create a sales spreadsheet in Excel? 

Before creating a sales training template in Excel, it’s important to note the fields and sections you would need to monitor. Once these have been selected, it’s simply a matter of creating a workbook and creating those fields. The complexity of the spreadsheet will depend on the information that’s monitored.

Are Excel templates free? 

A quick Google search will provide a smorgasbord of Excel templates and free ones at that. However, complex templates that are fully customizable are usually behind a paywall.

Where can I get free Excel templates? 

On, we offer fully compatible Excel templates that will easily integrate into your sales workflow. Our resource tab offers 200+ templates that span various business needs from CRM and sales to marketing and design.

Teach your sales staff the tricks of the trade with an Excel sales training template 

Ask yourself why you should invest in sales training, because the answer is a near five-fold return on your investment. Studies show that businesses that actively invest in training their sales staff enjoy a massive ROI of 353%.

Our excel sales training template allows you to actively manage that training and align the training process to your business objectives. It also creates a clear pathway for sales staff which is a segue for success.