For any organization selling a product or service, a fully integrated CRM software is one of your most valuable tools. It’s your single source of truth for nurturing leads, sealing the deal with prospects, and keeping your existing customers happy. It only makes sense that another one of your key processes — generating and managing quotes — should also be well-integrated with your sales pipeline.

In this article, we’ll go over the features and benefits of having integrated quoting in your CRM. We’ll also take a look at three templates you can use on to boost sales performance and quoting reliability. But let’s start with a quick rundown of what, exactly, a CRM with quoting provides.

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What is a CRM with quoting?

Traditionally, a CRM is a robust contact database designed for managing and nurturing your customers. While CRMs are crucial for sales success, their focus on lead management means other key workflows are sometimes delegated to alternative solutions. One of those workflows includes the ability to create and send quotes.

While a dedicated quoting tool has real value, keeping quoting functionality integrated with the rest of your sales pipeline leads to better outcomes.

Put simply, a CRM with quoting is an integrated solution capable of managing and automating quotes alongside the other complex tasks you use your CRM for.

For example, a CRM with quoting puts your customer data front and center when sending quotes. This means you can easily pull from past orders and provide robust customizations to quotes, all without leaving your CRM. Using your CRM to manage quotes means you can take advantage of built-in automation to streamline the whole process. And this only touches on the benefits to the accuracy and efficiency of your sales process.

Benefits of a CRM solution with quoting

Looking at your sales pipeline from a wider perspective, quotes are as close as it gets to closing the deal. It stands to reason that you’ll want to maximize your quote approach as much as possible. From top to bottom, a CRM with quoting will do just that.

Streamline your sales pipeline

The better integrated your sales and customer information, the more efficient your entire sales process becomes.

When you have a holistic view of every customer’s sales journey at your fingertips — and in the same place as your quoting tool — you can focus less on jumping from one workflow to another and more on moving your leads through the pipeline.

Spend less time generating  quotes 

The formula is simple — when you streamline your sales processes, you have more time to focus on wowing your customers. Using a customer relationship management software with quote creation abilities means your sales team can easily and naturally provide more quotes. When a salesperson spends less time creating a quote, they can spend more time selling, which is better for your organization’s bottom line.

Drastically reduce errors

A cornerstone of any good CRM is its ability to automate repetitive tasks. This makes every salesperson’s job easier and prevents human errors, too. By bringing proposals into the automation fold, you can avoid the mishaps that occasionally slip through with manual processes or by using too many tools at once.

Keep everyone in the loop

Buying journeys are getting more complex, and your customers have multiple touchpoints with more than just the sales department. No doubt, your sales funnel includes several interactions with the marketing department before it ever pushes a lead to the sales team.   By putting your entire sales pipeline under one digital roof, you maximize sales potential across the entire organization. is an excellent option for doing just that

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Using as a CRM with quoting software is much more than your average sales tool. By combining the best of cloud-based CRM and project management in an intuitive yet flexible Work OS, makes it easy to handle everything from sales proposals to project budgets and get updates in real-time.

As a CRM, boasts everything you need to maximize every one of your client relationships. You can easily track every step of your customer’s sales journey and reference phone calls, chat history, meeting notes, and just about any other interaction you can imagine. And with’s free-flowing data and governance features, you decide who gets access to what for your entire organization.

For example, sales teams can work seamlessly with other departments by automating project handoffs. You can set up to notify a project team automatically once a lead signs a proposal. You can take it even further by automatically creating a new project and populating it with the relevant data.

Even if you’re already invested in an existing CRM, you can still leverage all your existing data seamlessly with’s Work OS. Some of the benefits include:

  • Dozens of seamless integrations
  • Drag-and-drop capabilities, you can tap into your existing data with ease
  • Hundreds of customizable templates

Besides offering these features, also provides a quotes and invoices application you can integrate into your virtual workspace. You can use this to create quotes and invoices directly inside your workflow to save time and increase efficiency.

If you choose to use a CRM template, this application will already be built into your workboard. If you’ve built your own workboard, you’ll need to manually add this feature.

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Related templates for CRM and quoting

CRM Template 

With this CRM Template, managing past, present, and future customers is as simple as it gets. Store and manage all your contacts with staging settings and statuses and track communication for each individual, including emails, calls, meetings, and more. And with integrated quoting and invoicing, you can generate a quote on the fly — all from a single workflow.

Customer Onboarding Template 

Adding new customers to your CRM should be simple, but it should also be comprehensive. With’s Customer Onboarding Template, you can manage the entire onboarding process from end to end with ease. Understand at a glance where new clients are in the onboarding process and track time invested in deals.

Customer Projects Template 

For service-based businesses, knowing exactly how long each project takes is key to providing accurate quotes. With’s Customer Projects Template, you’ll never have to guess again. Not only does it seamlessly integrate with all your CRM contacts, but you can easily follow project timelines and track budgets and hours worked, and provide robust details to all stakeholders. And when you’re finished, simply generate a quote from the template and send it to the client.

FAQs about CRM with quoting

What is a quotation in CRM?

A quotation describes a detailed offer for products or services that you send to a client or prospect. Some CRMs refer to quotes as proposals, but they’re effectively the same thing. Most modern CRMs do offer some form of integration with quoting, though most often, the CRM sits alongside another system or application that generates and manages quotes.

How do you write a sales quote?

A sales quote is simply a document outlining a proposed price for products or services. A simple but effective quote contains the following sections:

  • Introduction: A brief introduction to connect with your customer
  • Company details: Your company’s name and contact information
  • Pricing and time estimates: A cost estimate that includes an itemized list of products and goods as well as a figure for services
  • Legal documents: Any necessary legal documents, such as a work contract

Let your CRM help with quoting, so you can focus more on customers

When you pull all your CRM workflows and data into an integrated Work OS, you save time and boost your sales efficiency. More importantly, you create opportunities for seamless collaboration with your colleagues, and this leads to superior customer experiences and better outcomes overall.

With more efficiency, better results, and happier customers, just might be your next sales superpower. Get started for free with a trial to explore how our CRM solutions can work for you.