Managing agile sprints doesn't have to be that difficult helps you manage your sprint planning, roadmaps, bugs, and tasks all in one place.

4Agile Project Management2x

Easy and intuitive

A simple tool to manage agile projects that your team will want to use

Customize to fit your projects' workflow

Start with a template and adjust it to your specific agile workflows and needs

See at a glance where things stand

With colorful views, you'll always know where you sprints stand and what you should do next

Manage everything in one place

With, you can manage everything in one place. From planning with our roadmap and backlog template, through managing the sprints with our sprint planning template, and conducting retrospectives using our embedded reports


Create and track your Roadmap

Build a roadmap and manage all your stories, tasks, and bugs in a single board. Collaborate with your team to prioritize things together.

Agile Project Roadmap
Kanban view

Stay on top of your sprints

Know at a glance where you stand, and what you should do next. Add all relevant information about each task so nothing will be forgotten, and track everything in a list or kanban view, whichever suits your mood.

Agile Project Management Software - Kanban View
Customize anything

Fit the flows and the processes to your needs

Every team manages their sprints and tasks a bit differently. lets you customize almost anything easily: Use out-of-the-box templates and adjust them to fit your workflow.

Agile Planning Software - Customize
Reports & graphs

Track your progress with reports

Track sprint progress, capacity, and effort. Use the reports to manage and improve your team's performance.

Agile software report and graphs

Variety of templates

Sprint Management


Project Roadmap


Bugs Queue


Stories from our community

Simple Development 'Sprint' Management

"Sprints allow you to be more agile. This template helps us to be transparent too."
Matt Chatterley, Codentia

Manage Software Development Roadmap

"Because it simplifies and unifies software development and puts the "dreams" and the reality in one board to compete with each other!"
Shachar Tal, Loginno

Engineering Task Management

"Visual task and productivity management all in one place"
Britanny Carter, Wizr