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Jul 3rd, 2018. 4 min read
Engineering Task Management
Our team uses this board as our go-to for managing development. The visual-heavy columns help us easily track workloads, productivity and what everyone is working on. We used Jira before and, as a busy startup, we often lost track of tickets and didn't have the time to measure how productive all our team members were. Monday has streamlined this process for us and enhanced our insights considerably while keeping our management time low.
Getting started tips
We setup this board with the following groups for our team:
1) Bugs - we rank bugs on a sev 1-4 scale ( and indicate where the bug exists (staging vs production) within the environment column. Sev 4 bugs that will require a lot of time to fix end up in the backlog group.
2) This week - all our tasks have an initial time estimate, scheduled date and actual time so that we can track productivity. We use the rating functionality as a proxy progress bar for % complete to quickly visually track the progress of multiday tasks
3) Easy Wins - these are 5-45 min, low-priority tasks for the devs when they are frustrated with a project and want an easy task to knock out
4) Next week - all our upcoming tasks for the following week, these are bumped up to "this week" each Friday to create a full week of tasks
5) Week after next etc. - Dependant on how far out you have planned your schedule
6) Backlog - placeholder for tasks that have been scoped out but we do not plan to do due to a bottleneck or because they are low priority

Completed tasks in the bugs, this week and easy wins column are moved to a release notes board, with each release as a group with its release date in the title.

"Visual task and productivity management all in one place"
Britanny Carter
Why we love this template
Its easy to keep track of what everyone is working on, whether they are meeting deadlines on time and what objectives and key results (OKRs) are linked to the task. The gantt chart was one of the primary reasons we use Monday and it is great to easily filter by person or view. Visual elements (bugs vs tasks etc. for Type and stars as a proxy for % complete) make it so much faster to know what is going on. The in-task checklists are also key for ensuring our developers don't overlook minor task details.
Without this template I would
Still be dealing with an overload of Jira tickets and not sure what everyone was working on or had completed. Everything is so much easier to view with this board - it completely streamlines all the information we need to manage development. We would also have developers continuously overlooking all the minor tasks without the checklist functionality we use for task acceptance criteria.
Britanny Carter
Hi I'm Britanny Carter from Wizr and this was my story
Britanny Carter
Hi I'm Britanny Carter from Wizr and this is my story, check it out
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