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Project planning template

Create a solid project plan with this ready-to-go template
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Align on all moving parts

Get project sponsors, team members, and project managers on the same page.

Visualize your goals

Assign roles and responsibilities in one visual workspace with real-time updates on everyone's devices..

Make data-driven decisions

Gain clear insights from your results. Import data from the tools you're already using to easily to make more informed decisions.

Get the template

Get the template from our array of intuitive templates.

Customize it for your needs

Make assigning tasks easy and create a tailored plan to fit your needs.

Share with your team

Assign team members to each action item and monitor your project's progress wherever, whenever.

What are the benefits of using this template?

  • High-level views at every stage:
    Visualize your project plan with different views that display anything from workdays to project status.
  • Fully customizable project management:
    With a fully customizable template, you can add and remove projects that will help you reach your milestones.
  • Automations & Integrations: 
    Create automations that can be customized to suit your exact needs. Seamlessly integrate all of your favorite tools including Typeform, Bitbucket, Todoist and much more.

Use our project charter template

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