5 benefits of our sales management system

Our fully customizable platform lets you handle all your work in one place. Create your ideal sales management platform in minutes from ready-made templates or easily tailor any pipeline, workflow, and process to drive real business impact. Here's what you'll get on monday.com:
Flexible and intuitive

Centralized data that is accurate & easy to access

Easily tailor your CRM to suit you, without any development help. Organize customer data in a way that makes sense for sales management, marketing activities, and more to close deals.
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Time saved with custom sales process automations

Reduce the amount of time spent on tedious but important work like manual input of data or sending follow-up emails so your sales team can focus on making sales. It also makes for easy pipeline management for sales leaders.
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Emails & Activities

Streamlined & custom sales email flows

Communicate efficiently with your contacts and leads with email integration. Automatically log sent emails, keep track of conversations, and use personalized email templates.
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Accurate customer overviews
at your fingertips

With a single click, quickly access the most important information you need to close deals. As a sales team manager, easily drop in to view contact details, understand deal progress, and what needs to be done next.
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Automated sales forecasts via customizable dashboards

Easily build dashboards in real-time with no development help to create sales performance reports. Gain insights into where deals stand, expected revenue, your team’s areas of weakness, quarterly goals, and more.

6 functions for effective sales management

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Lead management

Collect leads from any source, organize and qualify every lead in one place, and automatically score them based on criteria of your choosing.
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Deal management

Customize your pipeline without needing to involve developers, easily drag and drop deals to different stages, automate manual work, and track all contact interactions.
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Client management

Support superb account management. Keep contact records and account information, log activities, and send emails—from one easy-to-use platform.
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Post-sales management

Manage all of your post-sale activities in one place, to stay informed of client projects, collection tracking, operational processes, and more.
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Onboarding sales operations

Plan and expedite your sales hiring process, and continue rep's educational development with the tools and resources they need to close more deals.
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Team projects and tasks

Manage and collaborate on sales and marketing projects to capture leads, drive them down the funnel, or keep existing customers engaged.

6 best software for sales management

See how our intuitive and scalable sales management software is a cut above the rest. Click through our comparisons with 6 of the best sales management systems out there.
Microsoft Dynamics

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most sales management software will have lead generation tools, client management (or a sales CRM), and post-sales tools. The robust options however—such as monday.com— will also have automations, plenty of views, dashboards, and other features to fully customize your operations.
  • There are several sales management software on the market, but many lack the flexibility of a Work OS. A few of the best platforms include:
    monday sales CRM
    HubSpot Sale
    Salesforce CRM
  • A CRM of customer relationship management tool may be an alternative name, because it includes many (if all) of the same features as a sales management system that can scale with you as you grow. Enterprise-friendly sales tools are easy-to-use platforms that give your team the full picture of their efforts at a glance and provide them with everything they need for pipeline management and customer retention.

The right sales management software for your team

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