Helpful features in a CRM for service businesses

When your business is all about providing a service rather than a tangible product, it's crucial to understand what drives your customers and gain insights into how to improve their experience. The most powerful CRM softwares have several features that make it easy for businesses to analyze customer feedback, increase customer loyalty, and drive more revenue. These features may include:

  • Automations to automate repetitive work so you can focus on what matters
  • Integrations that keep all of your tools in one place to increase efficiency
  • Views that let you visualize data and your operations in different ways
  • Dashboards to help you simplify decision-making using real-time insights
  • has all the capabilities of a CRM for service businesses, plus more.

    Our fully customizable, user-friendly platform lets you handle all your work in one place. Start creating your CRM system from ready-made templates or easily tailor any recruitment pipeline, workflow, and process to drive real business impact—all on Here's what you'll get on our platform:
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    Total flexibility

    Customize your CRM to fulfill your specific needs. Schedule and dispatch jobs, fulfill purchase orders, manage billing and payments, run marketing automations to generate leads, create, share, and store documents, and much more—all on one flexible, user-friendly platform.
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    Intuitive interface

    We make it easy for any team member to learn our platform and perform actions in minutes—no developer assistance needed. Easily create any workflow with our drag and drop functionality and visual boards. Build your CRM with one of our pre-made templates or easily start from scratch.
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    Robust automations

    Focus on engaging and retaining customers instead of repetitive processes that slow you down. Use our automatic reminders to alert employees of jobs, notify you when they mark the job as complete, send personalized follow up or reminder emails, and more.
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    Multiple views

    Visualize tasks, updates, jobs, pipelines, and other data however you want. offers views such as: Calendar, Gantt chart, Kanban board, Timeline, Chart, Map and more. For instance, use the Chart View to understand how many jobs were completed on time during a specific month or break down customer surveys by responses.
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    Display all your important information in one place with custom dashboards. Increase visibility into payment statuses, jobs, and team performance. Run reports from a high-level view of your operations down to tiny details. Use the Numbers widget to see a summary of your budget or employee hours in one place.
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    With integrations, you can manage your entire sales pipeline without needing to switch tabs. Set up your integrations in just a few clicks. Choose from Slack, Google Calendar, Zoom, Zapier, Gmail, and more. Once you set up your integrations, create custom automation recipes in seconds to streamline your pipeline.

    Frequently asked questions

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    What is a service CRM?
    A customer relationship management (CRM) software manages your current and potential customer relationships. The main goal of a CRM is to improve customer relationships, but a not all CRMs share the same capabilities. A robust CRM—such as the one from— helps companies communicate transparently with customers, streamline processes, and increase profitability.
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    How does CRM help in the service industry?
    What are the 3 types of CRM?

    Use our CRM for service businesses and increase leads helps over 152K customers work without limits. Create a customized CRM software and easily track and maintain client relationships.
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