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In-person workshops for professionals

Elevate your skills by joining our intensive, hands-on workshops for implementers. Learn strategies and tips together with our in-house team of experts.
Be the best implementer possible
Be the best implementer possible
There's no better way to learn than a day of in-depth training with our team. No matter the workshop, you'll gain the skills to make sure you are a top user and implementer.
One package, two ways to learn
Gain knowledge online and bring it to life in-person.
We believe in gaining knowledge online and then bringing it to life in-person. When you register you'll receive:
The online core certification program
An in-person professional workshop
Stephen MacLennan
“My favorite part of today’s workshop has definitely been the collaborative experience in the groups.”
Belinda Olsen
“The workshop has contributed to my overall knowledge by getting me to think more strategically about our workflows.”
Jeremy Rose
“Here I’m able to dive right in and connect and meet rather than learning basic skills”