How Artlogic increased cross-team collaboration by 52% after adopting monday.com and integrating Zendesk


Meet Artlogic

For more than 25 years, Artlogic has used technology to disrupt and transform the art industry, offering the world’s most advanced art industry platform to all types of businesses, galleries, collectors, and artists.

Artlogic provides complete website and database integration, client relationship management, and built-in sales management tools to modernize their clients’ businesses.

The challenge

A few years ago, Artlogic had its own transformation. The company redesigned its database, updated its CMS, changed its pricing structure, and created more affordable products to attract new clients. All of these changes combined allowed the company to access new areas of the market, leading to a huge boost in sales.

Both the client and development team had the challenge of keeping up with the influx of new account requests and client support tickets that came with their rapid growth.

“Our tools didn’t integrate with the tools the developers were using so it was very easy to miss things and hard to manage things,” says Kate Perutz, Head of Client Liaison.

The two teams were switching between Wrike, Freshdesk, spreadsheets, and email to manage it all, but it wasn’t working. They needed a centralized platform that would allow them to collaborate and scale efficiently.

The solution

Why monday.com?

Artlogic’s Product Manager and Developer Dan Hawkins didn’t have visibility into the different development team’s workloads, and he was also looking for ways the teams could collaborate. Dan heard that the CEO adopted monday.com for a fifth of the company and decided to move his team over too.

Around the same time, Kate’s team had moved from their previous Freshdesk to Zendesk and was also looking for other ways they could work more efficiently with the development team. 

“When we adopted monday.com, it filled every gap we had with all our other tools,” says Kate.
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Seamless workflows and processes

Now with monday.com integrated with Zendesk, there’s no need for any other tools. The client and development team have streamlined the support ticket process with a custom form in Zendesk that automatically sends second-line support tickets to monday.com.

Each ticket appears on a monday.com board as a new item with the ID, priority, status, and info on the issue. The developer is then assigned to the item so they can collaborate with the client manager.
Increased efficiency and cross-team collaboration

One of the biggest challenges the development team faced in collaborating with the client team was understanding their questions. The systems in place before made it easy to submit client questions that lacked the detail needed to resolve an issue. This meant a lot of time was spent on unnecessary back-and-forth communication between the client rep and developer.

Now with monday.com, the development team is able to set specific requirements that the client team needs to provide to make sure the developers have all the information they need to solve the ticket quickly and efficiently.
Fast-tracking client onboarding

Kate’s team used to send emails to the development team for each new account setup. It was barely manageable when they were opening 30 accounts per quarter, but when they started opening 30 accounts a month, it was impossible.

“Instead of sending requests via email, we submit a batch of requests through a monday.com form that takes only a few minutes to do,” says Kate. This new process has allowed them to be quicker at account creation so they can begin modernizing and promoting their client’s businesses even faster.

"Integrating monday.com with Zendesk gave us the power and flexibility to meet Artlogic's scaling demands."

Kate Perutz
Head of Client Liaison, Artlogic

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