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Salesforce has earned its standing as one of the most reliable customer relationship management tools you can use. But let’s be honest. If you were entirely sure Salesforce was perfect, you wouldn’t have found your way to this article.

So, this is the part where you expect us to tell you a bunch of negative things about Salesforce or try to “sell you away” from it. But that’s not our intention. We actually happen to really like Salesforce and the solutions it can provide to strengthen customer support and engagement.

But we know your business needs more than just customer relationship software. And while Salesforce is part of the answer, it’s not your entire business management solution. Let’s take a look at how Salesforce can help your business, as well as some of the best Salesforce alternatives. We’ll give you the information you need to make a great investment — not just in CRM software, but in a complete work operating system.

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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a highly-rated customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

A good sales CRM software manages your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and leads. A great CRM goes a step further, using sales automation to enhance the customer relationship experience through the entire sales and marketing funnel.

Salesforce focuses on helping businesses with customer relationship management in the following areas:

  • Managing digital marketing channels to engage customers
  • Scaling up sales processes to maximize revenue
  • Building e-commerce services built around customers
  • Enhancing customer service across channels
  • Tracking customer data and analytics to help teams make data-driven decisions

Salesforce’s ability to provide excellent solutions across marketing, sales, commerce, and customer service has led to its reputation as a leading sales CRM tool.

What’s the best alternative to Salesforce?

Sure, the Salesforce platform is a decent CRM solution for companies looking to strengthen their sales process and improve customer engagement.

But CRM is just one piece of the puzzle. What if there was a system that not only has ‘CRM-y’ features such as lead management and contact management but can also manage your entire team’s workflow within a single space?

We’re talking about a system that can allow you to manage almost all aspects of work  — project management, remote work, IT solutions, software development, HR, and task management,

In case you’re wondering, we’re talking about the monday sales CRM.’s flexibility extends far beyond sales management. We provide you with a full-fledged, centralized work environment.

In addition to creating an extremely detailed and cohesive CRM workflow in, you can also bring your marketing, content, design, HR, and any other departments into our platform. So you don’t just get a standalone CRM. Instead, you get a platform that lets all your teams sync on information to flourish.dashboard of sales analytics in different charts and graphs in the sales CRM

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What exactly is

The Work OS is an all-in-one work management platform that’s designed to help teams plan, track, and deliver their entire workflow from start to finish.

The platform:

  • Manages your sales pipeline and CRM in one workspace
  • Gives you visibility into the entire sales process
  • Helps you align your customer-facing team
  • Supercharges your workflow by syncing everything quickly

The best part is, if you’re already using Salesforce, there’s no need to switch. You can seamlessly integrate Salesforce with your customized Work OS, and voila! All your contacts, accounts, and leads will be automatically displayed on

In fact, supports integration with dozens of popular tools such as Zapier, Zendesk, Copper, and Shopify.

Here’s what says about, “The upgraded platform’s tools for bridging siloed data, capturing more data in general, and providing better analytics for custom business processes is pretty impressive.” list of integrations such as salesforce, zendesk, and pipedrive

What are the differences between and Salesforce?

Here are key features that make an all-in-one work management solution.

Use the Work OS to:

  • Onboard new employees via customizable templates
  • Measure team progress and achievement easily
  • View and track all your team’s workflow and status updates at a glance
  • Assign tasks to team members and track progress
  • Manage all your team files, documents, and communications in one place

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the other features that make a powerful Salesforce alternative:

1. offers complete project management

No matter your team’s size or the complexity of your project, the Work OS can help teams collaborate effectively to track and deliver multiple projects in one place. You can customize workflows, analyze progress, and manage resources efficiently so that you’re not spending time on multiple software and tools.

Deezer increased engagement by 483% in just a matter of weeks using’s flexible Work OS.

The music-streaming service was struggling to manage a number of cross-departmental projects that required increased team communication and collaboration.

To collaborate and track projects, the team started using by:

  • Bringing business development teams into a central pipeline
  • Moving the Deezer CRM into to increase engagement and user experience
  • Tracking and testing campaign performance.

So, what were the results?

The team found that switching to led to:

  • New ways to improve workflow and pipeline
  • A significant increase in collaboration
  • Increased transparency using a single workspace to see everything
  • Increase in team efficiency

2. offers relationship management, not just CRM

In addition to managing all contacts and customers, also offers the ability to build relationships internally and externally with team members and stakeholders.

The globally distributed team at Genpact was finding it challenging to manage multiple integrated marketing campaigns involving several campaign managers, channel owners, and stakeholders.

Using the workflow app, Genpact improved cross-team collaboration by 40%.

3. With, you can use automation tools for every aspect of work management

A powerful feature that’s ideal for every business wanting to save time on boring stuff is customizable sales and marketing automation. These can apply to every aspect of your workflow, not just CRM.

Parvenu, which uses as a sales CRM software, has set up 150 automations and 52 integrations on a single board.

Read all about how they got things done.

automation tools from

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What are some other Salesforce alternatives? 

While we encourage you to try out as your fully flexible and customizable salesforce alternative, we recognize there are still other options on the market. According to Gartner, some other top Salesforce alternatives ranked by recent software buyers include: 

Salesforce alternatives FAQs

In this section, let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions that come up when searching for a Salesforce alternative.

How much is the Salesforce CRM monthly?

The Salesforce CRM costs range from their Essentials pricing plan, which starts at $25 per user/month, and increases up to $300 per user/month for an advanced suite of features.

There is no free version of Salesforce at the moment.

Why consider Salesforce alternatives?

Salesforce is a prominent name in the CRM software world that has dominated headlines with its meteoric growth. But what if you’re a start-up or small business that is restricted by budget or doesn’t need an entire suite of CRM features, some of which you might not be ready for? Several other CRM software solutions on the market have comparable features, a better pricing plan, and are well-equipped to cater to small business owners’ unique needs.

Who is Salesforce’s biggest competitor?

There’s no single CRM system that can be called Salesforce’s biggest competitor. When it comes to Salesforce alternatives or competitors, there are dozens of options to choose from. Each boasts an impressive list of features and benefits.

Is there a better CRM than Salesforce?

While a CRM tool like Salesforce is packed with features, we believe that works even better. This is because supports a high degree of customization and can be adapted to the unique needs of your business and team.

multiple dashboards in

For instance,

  • Helps you set up unlimited sales and marketing automation recipes that save time and boosts productivity.
  • Offers multiple data visualization options and dashboards to track progress and help you make decisions based on analytics.
  • Doubles up as a task and project management software, helping you to manage your team workflow from A to Z, so you needn’t switch between tools.

What is the easiest CRM software to use?

If your team is just getting started with using a CRM tool to streamline your sales and marketing processes, then it will take them a while to learn the ins and outs of the system, as well as the features.

CRM dashboards in

With, the whole process of setting up and using the CRM is effortless. That’s because’s visual user interface is designed to be flexible and intuitive. So your team can just dive in and get started in minutes with minimal onboarding.

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Integrate Salesforce into for the ultimate results

If you’re searching for a Salesforce alternative, is a great solution because it’s more than just another CRM — it’s a flexible and easy-to-use work management platform. From workflow automation to customizable features like our ready-to-use crm template, you won’t go wrong with This is true whether you have a small business or a well-established organization.

If you’re already using Salesforce, why not integrate with’s Work OS for a complete business management solution? Use as a central platform for every aspect of your business software and enjoy all the benefits of Salesforce as part of the experience.