Looking to take a new route in your career is exciting, nerve-wracking, and usually filled with some uncertainty. We want your experience interviewing with our CX team to be clear and straightforward— so we can hopefully skip the nerve-wracking parts.

In this post, we’ll be covering the basics of the role, what a day in the life of a CX team member looks like, and some other FAQs. So let’s dive in! Here’s what you can expect from the CXA role:

The Role:

The CXA role is a dynamic, fast-paced role, which puts you in the heart of the action. You’ll be the first person our users interact with, representing the company and our ethos of Customer First, Customer Always. 

You’ll work across all different industries and team sizes, helping to ensure our customers get the best out of our platform.

Whether you’re working with users one-on-one via email, zoom, or calls, or whether you’re interacting on a one-to-many basis via our webinars, you’ll have a measurable impact on our users and their experience of monday.com.

The CXA role also has a huge amount of growth potential and can lead you into many different roles and areas within the team, the Customer Success Group, and even the company. Best of all, you’ll get to work with our vibrant, motivated, and diverse CX team all around the globe!

The Process:

Here at monday.com, and especially within the CX team, we’re always looking for talented, motivated, and passionate people to join our team. The interview process allows us to get to know you on a personal and professional level.

Transparency is one of our most important values, and we want that to also reflect throughout our hiring process. Below is a short overview of what you can expect during the hiring process. Be sure to come prepared, show us your passion, and most of all— be yourself!

How does our process work? We actually have a monday.com board to help visualize that for you 🙂

Phone interview:

Put your best foot forward! The phone interview is the first stage of the interview process. You’ll speak with our amazing recruiter, who will be your contact throughout the whole interview process. This is where we get to know a little more about you, and what attracted you to the role. It’s also your chance to ask any questions you have about the interview process or the position itself going forward.

Start here to learn more about our values and vision for monday.com from our Co-Founder, Roy Mann:

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At-home assignment:

This is your chance to get to know the platform and show us just how creative you can be! Our uniqueness lies in how customizable the platform is. Get hands-on with the platform and explore just how much you can do with it. Part of the CXA role is all about being problem solvers and thinking on your feet, and this task is a great opportunity to show us what you can do. Think outside the box! Being a good CXA is not only about having great product knowledge, but also the ability to create inventive solutions to address our users’ varied needs and concerns using our amazing platform. Learn more:

Basic Webinar 

Stories Worth Telling: Watch and listen to how our product changes the lives of our users and impacts their day-to-day work: Click here 🙂

First interview:

This interview is all about us getting to know you, and you getting to know us! We care about our candidates as much as we care about our users!

In this interview, you’ll be joined by one of our awesome team leads, who knows the CX team inside out. They’ll take some time to get to know you, before moving on to some more professional questions. You can expect to be asked about your previous experience, and how you might approach different situations with our clients. If time allows, you’ll then be asked to run through a short demo simulation with us.

Learn more:

Podcast: Turning 30k Support Tickets a Month Into Actionable Insights 

Second interview:

This interview will take you deeper into how the CX team works at monday.com and the overall culture. We’re extremely proud of the culture we’ve built, and we want to make sure every new member of our team shares our values and continues to help us do great things.

We’ll focus on some more professional questions to see how you might handle different situations, and get to know you better both personally and professionally.

Learn more:

Podcast: How actions define company culture 

Third Interview:

This interview is a little different from the previous ones, as you’ll meet with our amazing HR team. At monday.com we want to add people to our team who will help us continue to build our culture and generate impact and positive change. This interview is all about getting to know you a little better and seeing how you might fit into our CX team and company.

Learn more:

Blog Post: Our hiring efforts at scale, explained

Reference Check:

We’d like to speak with two of your previous managers, asking some questions about working with you and how to set you up for success here at monday.com.


Congratulations! At this stage, you’ll be given an official offer, and we’ll fill you in on all of the details of the proposal. This is your chance to get answers to any questions that you might have before you accept the offer, so don’t be shy!
Welcome to the team!


What does a day as a CXA look like?

One of the best things about the CXA role is how varied the work is, no two days are exactly the same. That said, below is an example of what a day might look like as a CXA at monday.com!

9.00 – Grab a coffee and start the day by wishing our Australian team goodnight! Then it’s time to start doing what we do best and helping our customers. We’ll start to answer emails that have come in overnight, working with customers across the globe.

11.00 – Time for the daily sync with the team. We’ll review any new features that are being released that day, and discuss any important updates and upcoming events.

11.30 – Time to check the callback requests for the day. As we work with users across multiple time zones, we’ll start to assist the users located in Europe, answering any questions they have.

12.30 – Everyone’s favorite time of the day – lunch! Time to stretch your legs, grab some food and hang out with the rest of the team (in Zoom or in person!)

13.30 – Back to helping our users via email.

15.30 – Weekly 1:1 meeting with your team lead. This is a time to reflect on how you’re doing, how the previous week went, set goals for the week ahead, and raise any questions or concerns you have.

16.00 – Time to start wishing good morning to our American team, and calling back our US-based customers!

17.00 – Monthly meeting with the whole CX department to congratulate our new team members on joining us and colleagues for being promoted. We’ll discuss last month’s performance, and the exciting updates we have coming in the next month.

What are the hours like?

All of our shifts are 9 hours, including 1 hour for a delicious lunch (10bis / Cibus).
Generally, you can expect to start between 9:00 to 11:00, finishing between 18:00 and 20:00. We do have occasional 7:00-16:00 shifts.

Will I work in shifts?

Yes! We work in shifts to make sure that we can always provide our customers the amazing support they expect. When you join the team you’ll be able to let your team leader know your shift preferences and they’ll do their best to adjust.

Will I work on weekends/holidays?

You can expect to work one Friday shift every 4-6 weeks as part of the role, based on the number of team members we have on staff. You’ll then get Sunday off instead to chill at the beach or run some errands. 🙂

Team members can volunteer to work extra shifts on holidays, as they come with extra pay! 🙂

How important is English for this role?

Our team operates in many languages but English is our go-to. Through our client interactions (both written and live), our team and company meetings, all the way to our nights out you’ll need to have strong English skills in order to bring your best self to the position.

Will I work night shifts?

When you join the CX team at monday.com you’re not just joining the Tel Aviv team, but also our larger Customer Success Group. With offices across America and now in Australia, we can cover all time zones. This means that currently the Tel Aviv team does not work night shifts. 

What does the progression route look like?

One of the best things about CX at monday.com is the variety of progression routes you can take. We are invested in your growth! We want to see you succeed but it will take effort and passion to learn. You might decide to progress within the CX team or move into account management, becoming a trainer, a CX tech specialist, or even a team lead. We like smart and approachable people that generate impact, across the company 🙂

How long does the recruitment process take?

It should take a few weeks, end to end. We value our candidates’ experience as much as we value our customers’ experience – we try to do our best to provide a fast and efficient process to everyone, and we’ll do our best to have your process be the same!


Interested in joining the CX team at monday.com? Apply here!