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Everything you want to know about’s Customer Experience Advocate position 8 min read
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Looking to take a new route in your career is exciting, nerve-wracking, and usually filled with some uncertainty.

We want your experience interviewing with our CX team to be clear and straightforward, so we can hopefully skip the nerve-wracking parts! In this post, we’ll be covering the basics of the role, what a day in the life of a CX team member looks like, and some other FAQs. So let’s dive in! Here’s what you can expect from the CXA role:

The Role:

The CXA role is a dynamic, fast-paced role, which puts you in the heart of the action. You’ll be the first person our users interact with, representing our company and our ethos of Customer First, Customer Always. You’ll work across all different industries and team sizes, helping to ensure our customers get the best out of our platform. Whether you’re working with users one-on-one via chats, emails, screenshares, or calls, or interacting on a one-to-many basis via our webinars, you’ll have a measurable impact on our users and their experience of

The CXA role also has a huge amount of growth potential and can lead you into many different roles and areas within the team, the Customer Success Group, and even the company. Best of all, you’ll get to work with our vibrant, motivated, and diverse CX team all around the globe!

The Process:

Transparency is one of our most important values, and we want to reflect that throughout our hiring process. Be sure to come prepared, show us your passion, and most of all — be yourself! Who you are is just as important as what you’ve done.

Phone interview:

In this initial stage, you’ll speak with one of our recruiters who will be your contact throughout the whole interview process. This is where we get to know a little more about you, your background, and what attracted you to the role.

Tip: Come prepared to express your “why,” aka, your motivation for becoming a CXA at

Learn more:

At-home assignment:

This is where you get know the platform and show us how creative you can be!’s customizable nature is what sets it apart from competitors, so there’s no “wrong” answer here. Dive in and explore just how much you can do! Successful CXAs are able to think on their feet and investigate creative solutions, and this is your opportunity to show us you can do just that.

Tip: Just as important as explaining your answer is explaining how you got there.

Check out these resources to help you out!

CX Professional Interview:

Here’s where you’ll meet with one of our amazing CX Team Leads! At this stage, you can expect more professional questions, like how you would approach different situations with our clients.

Tip: If you aren’t sure how you’d handle specific scenarios, don’t be afraid to ask some questions!

CX Leadership interview:

We’re extremely proud of what we’ve built, and we want to make sure every new member of our team shares our values and is motivated to help us do great things. You may be asked more specific questions about past experiences and what you learned from them, as well as more hypothetical scenarios with customers.

Tip: Come prepared to express what’s important to you at a job — how you like to be managed, what motivates you, what success means to you.

Final Interview:

This is the last interview in the process, and you’ll be back with an HR recruiter. This interview is intended to see how you and your career goals will fit into our company and culture overall. You might be asked questions that are focused on you as a person, rather than just your professional experiences.

Tip: Be yourself! Authenticity shines through in this stage!

Check out this video on our HR’s approach to interviewing Here!

Reference Check:

In this final stage, HR will reach out to two of your previous managers to learn more about working with you and how we can set you up for success here at!


Congratulations! At this stage, you’ll be given an official offer, and we’ll fill you in on all of the details of the proposal including benefits, working structure, and. compensation. This is your chance to ask any final questions before accepting, so don’t be shy!

Welcome to the team!

Now that you’ve been hired, what can you expect from a typical day? One of the best things about being a CXA at is the dynamic nature of the role. Your North Star each day is to drive your customer interactions toward resolution. This requires ownership, creative thinking, and comfortability with communication across various channels. Let’s break it down and discuss what you might encounter on an average day!


Grab breakfast and a coffee in the cafeteria, then say hi to your teammates and settle in! Most Team Members will log on a few minutes early to check Slack DMs and review any updates for the day.

9:00 – 10:45 Emails

First up, helping our customers on Emails! One example interaction can be – You come across a customer asking about a specific feature. You take some time to test it out in your own workspace to understand it better. It’s a little complicated, and the customer seems confused. You want to make sure they are confident utilizing, so you respond with a customized, educational Loom video for them that demonstrates all of the feature’s capabilities.

10:45 – 11:00 Team Huddle

Each week, Team Members get together for a Huddle with their Team Lead, a Leadership Daily, and a Knowledge Daily. These are 15 minute sessions for announcements, recognizing success, and to review different topics. Today is your Team Huddle. Each Huddle is different and might be focused on learning and growth, sharing wins, or just getting to know your team members.

11:00 – 13:00 Live Chat

Live Chat is a fast-paced channel that keeps you on your toes. It’s a busy day, so the time flies by until you notice you’ve been chatting with the same customer for almost ten minutes. They have an interesting workflow that’s hard to visualize via Live Chat. You know you can help them, but you need to see more. You send them a link to your personal Calendly and they book time to meet with you over Zoom next week.

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch

Time for lunch, we believe in eating here! This is a great opportunity to spend more time with your CX Team Members to get to know them and catch up!


14:00 – 15:00 Emails

After lunch, you’re back on Emails to check for customers that responded to you! A couple cases you’ve been working on have been resolved, while others require more investigation and research. The customer you sent the Loom to this morning has responded to thank you — the Loom was just what they needed!

15:00 – 16:30 Live Chat

You close out your day with Live Chat, which is less busy now. Your teammate next to you has a customer with a challenging use case, and they ask you for help. You have a few minutes free so you sit with them and work through the conversation together. You take a few more chats before wrapping up your day!

16:30-17:00 New Features Training

The cool thing about monday is that it’s constantly evolving! We’re always rolling out new features, which means you always have opportunities to expand your knowledge base, too. Today, you have dedicated time to complete a New Features training so that you’re as informed as possible to support our customers.

17:00 – 17:30 Screenshare

A customer you worked with last week booked a screenshare with you for today to get help setting up their Dashboard. You pull up the mock Dashboard you created to share with them, and together you brainstorm the best configuration to display their company’s sales targets. They leave happy and satisfied with the level of personal support you provided!

17:30-18:00 Department Meeting

You close out your day with our Department Meeting, when all of the people who make CX amazing get together to recognize success and promotions, welcome new joiners, and introduce upcoming projects and initiatives. In this meeting, you’re welcomed to the team with your Onboarding cohort — we’re excited to have you!

Keep in mind, the beauty of CX is that no two days are the same. Along with working on various channels of communication and meeting with customers on screenshares, you’ll also have a weekly 1:1 with your Team Lead, Dailies, and trainings to complete as you continue to build your product knowledge. As you advance through your CX journey, you’ll have opportunities to explore your interests, join a specialized team, mentor a new joiner through our Buddy Program, and more!

Interested? We’d love to see you apply!

We are always looking for new people to join our global team and are often hiring at different hubs around the world. If you think you’d be a good fit, click here to check out our open positions and apply!

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