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Q&A: How CROSSNET increased company sales by 500% while running remotely with a little help from 4 min read
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We had the pleasure of interviewing CROSSNET Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer Chris Meade to talk about how his 100% remote company is managing to scale rapidly during this uncertain time.

Chris, tell us a little bit about CROSSNET! 

CROSSNET is the world’s first four-way volleyball game. We invented a four-way volleyball net that combines elements of volleyball and four square into a competitive game to 11, win by 2. 

It’s a game that’s usually played on the beach or park, but more and more people are using it in their backyards.

Fun! It’s easy to understand why so many people would be seeking out games like yours, especially today when most of the world is in isolation. What kind of impact has this global pandemic had on your business and supply chain?

With most of the world cooped up at home waiting out the pandemic, a lot of people have taken an interest in CROSSNET to keep them active and entertained. 

Just last month we saw a 500% increase in sales, which is incredible, but we didn’t expect it to be so rapid. We had a set amount of inventory we thought would last us March and April, but we burned right through it all in just two weeks. 

So with that, we had to rush-order 10 more containers of CROSSNET equipment to keep up with the demand and prepare us for what we believe will be a very busy summer. 

Wow, that’s impressive! And it’s amazing that right before all this happened you adopted How has the platform helped CROSSNET scale rapidly? has been the perfect platform for running our remote company for the last few months. With the majority of the company in different time zones and partners working on projects throughout the night due to this increase in demand, we needed one central hub to organize and collaborate anytime, anywhere. 

With, we’re able to keep up with our company’s rapid scaling and collaborate on all the moving pieces of each project while keeping everyone focused and aligned.

Each department has a department head who is responsible for tracking overall performance and progress in with custom dashboards. They’re able to see everything at a glance, with complete visibility to be able to ensure that everyone is moving forward in the right direction. 

What’s the greatest value you’ve noticed in using running your company remotely?

We have employees spread across five different states with our fulfillment center in Connecticut, and partners spread out in Miami, Denver, San Diego, and Indiana. We also have dozens of freelancers located in the Philippines and Asia working on multiple roles, from customer service to graphic design. 

The best thing about being an e-commerce company is that we provide our employees with the autonomy to make their own hours. We all lead different lives and like the flexibility to be able to create our own schedules.

As a business owner and manager, allows me to feel confident that while everyone is working remotely at different hours of the day and night, everyone is still accountable for getting their work done. 

And if there’s any bottlenecks or something that’s not progressing fast enough, I can see and handle it right away. And that’s extremely valuable. 

It’s amazing what you’ve already managed to accomplish with in such a short amount of time. What do you want to tackle next?

We recently onboarded our email marketing and social media teams onto so we can communicate and collaborate in one shared space rather than have to constantly jump onto the tools they’re using. 

Also, since we’re growing our team to meet these new challenges and demands that have come with our company’s growth, we’re looking into integrating more of our external tools to bring even more teams onto 

Thanks, Chris! We look forward to continuing to support CROSSNET’s growth. 🙂

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