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Free new hire form template for onboarding 7 min read
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Creating a stress-free new joiner experience starts from their first interaction with a recruiter. In addition to getting settled into a new culture, role, and more, new joiners are tasked with gathering required documents and sharing personal information.

On the internal side, your HR teams need to organize information fast and assign team members while managing new joiners’ onboarding progress. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to a solution for both, a new hire form template. You can improve your employee onboarding workflows right away with our Employee Onboarding Template — keep reading for more details

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What is a new hire form template?

A new hire form template helps you ensure that all required application forms and documents are received from a prospective employee.

Some forms that your team might collect are:

  • Income tax history
  • Work authorization
  • Bank account for information forpayroll
  • Insurance enrollment.

You might also have your people experience teams create personal employee forms to collect details, such as emergency contact information, dietary restrictions, or gift preferences.

Why use a new hire form template?

The onboarding and hiring process is a constant back and forth of information changing hands. New hire form templates help you reduce the number of interactions required to complete each phase of onboarding.

Candidates won’t have to mess with buggy platforms or creating chaos with email chains — instead, they can add image files and documents directly to their form submission. Your HR team can rest easy knowing it will all be automatically sorted into one clean board.

Next, we’ll look at the types of documents you can have your new hires submit via monday WorkForms.

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What types of paperwork can you collect from new hires with a new hire form template?

Many companies waste precious resources — and time — relying on separate platforms for work management and employing onboarding. With our WorkForms, you can manage automated onboarding workflows, communications, and data collection in the same place. Don’t skip a beat and use our template to collect common forms like:

  • Form I-9
  • Offer letter
  • W-4
  • Employee handbook acknowledgment
  • Direct deposit authorization
  • Company policy acknowledgments
  • Employment agreements

Simply include required attachments for download in your communications to employees and have them upload and submit them all in one form.

As an employer, you’ll also be responsible for verifying the documents and information they’ve received are authentic. Federal and state governments issue documents to certify an individual’s ability to legally work in the organization or on a project. These include:

  • Social security cards
  • U.S. birth certificates
  • State issued identification cards such as a driver’s license
  • Certificates of naturalization
  • Employment authorizations for international workers
  • Permanent resident cards

Your new hire form template can be reinvented again and again to capture and archive any type of documents. Let’s see how combining WorkForms with work management can take your onboarding process to the next level.’s Employee Onboarding Template for efficient HR teams

Effective employee onboarding demands streamlined communication, organization, and execution on the part of HR Teams. Spreading information and processes across different platforms and task owners can quickly lead to bottlenecks — or worse, your teams can lose sight of their goals.

In addition to being a customizable form for collecting important new hire information, our Employee Onboarding Template provides a central workspace and source of truth for your HR teams for a number of functions, including:

  • Dynamic dashboards for at a glance analysis
  • Automatic calculations
  • Smart sorting by date, status, and more
  • People column for assigning tasks
  • Automations to set up notifications when a new form is submitting, a status changes, a deadline is approaching, and more

Collecting new hire forms is only part of the process and’s Work OS has even more intuitive templates to help you through the rest.

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Related templates to new hire form templates

Streamlining the events that take place from a new application to welcoming a member to the team adds value for both your organization and your new employee.

HR Services Template

Pasted image 0’s HR Services Template provides everything your HR team needs to streamline the employee onboarding process and keep important new recruit documents in one centralized location. Through colorful timelines, gantt charts, and a centralized dashboard, your team will be to see everything they need to know about employees at a glance and share that information in real time. Some of the things  your HR department can track through the HR Services Template include:

  • Open positions
  • New employees
  • Meetings, orientations, and training
  • Employee performance
  • Vacation requests
  • Employee benefits
  • Promotions
  • Anniversaries and milestones

Having all this information centralized ensures that the onboarding process goes smoothly, and no important dates or milestones are missed.

Job Application Template

Our Job ApplicationTemplate helps you quickly create new forms to be completed by applicants for an open position. You can tailor the details of each template for role-specific information.’s Job Application Template makes it easier to streamline the hiring process by allowing your HR team to store all applications and manage the entire hiring process from one centralized location.

New hire form templates can help you with the hill of paperwork that accompanies team growth. Let’s dive into some useful but often overlooked hiring information.

FAQs about new hire form templates

What should be included in an onboarding packet?

An onboarding packet should include everything an employee needs to get started at your organization. Try to include only pertinent information to minimize how much information the employee is taking in all at once. Important inclusions are:

  • Benefits enrollment packet
  • Insurance plan breakdowns
  • Direct deposit forms
  • Company Directory

You can include an employee handbook in the onboarding packet or leave that up to your new hire’s manager. The handbook can introduce the employee to behavioral policies, company expectations, and internal processes. Include any required badges or identification cards needed to access their department.

What are the phases of employee onboarding?

The four phases of employee onboarding are pre-onboarding, orientation, training, and then the final transition.

1. Pre-onboarding

The first phase starts the moment a job offer is accepted. Recruiters should help explain initial expectations and any required paperwork before the first day of orientation. Help candidates complete necessary steps to ease their plunge into a new organization.

2. Orientation

A new employee can have an overwhelming first day, so keep it simple and concise. The orientation process introduces them to company culture and how their work will contribute to it. Go over company policies such as attendance, PTO, job performance, and payroll schedules. You can introduce them to their new team once they’re comfortable.

3. Training

The employees’ new team will take over after orientation to start training job-specific skills. The training phase directly impacts how well a new employee performs their job. Carefully consider who is responsible for training new hires as their influence can dictate how the new hire perceives the company and their involvement within it.

4. Final transition

Getting to the final phase of onboarding can take days, weeks, or even months, depending on the position. Employees join the daily workflow after completion of prerequisite training and require additional guidance. Have your managers clearly communicate performance expectations to outline the job responsibilities.

Make new hire form creation simple with

Collecting new hire documents is an important part of employee experience that shouldn’t be overlooked, neither for new joiners or your HR teams. Bring everyone and everything together in one source of truth with and our New Employee Onboarding Template.

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