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Product updates launches on AWS Sydney Region, our first data center in APAC 4 min read
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This week, we announced the launch of our data center on AWS Sydney Region to provide our APAC customers with optimized workflows and the ability to host their data onshore, supporting over 18,000 customers in Australia, including Canva, Tourism Australia, Officeworks, and Kmart. We’ve responded to rapid growth and world-class innovation in the region, prompting us to launch this new data region in Sydney. This welcome addition will enhance the workflows of our local APAC customers and help them meet compliance and privacy processes.

How this data region supports our APAC customers

A data region, also known as a data center, refers to the geographic location where physical servers are locally based. These data centers store and process digital data, such as customer files, images, and posts, and must comply with local data laws and governance. Our launch on AWS Sydney Region has enabled customers with data residency requirements to store their data on local soil in Australia, significantly reducing network latency. APAC customers can benefit from higher data transfer speeds when using while remaining compliant with industry-specific regulations and security standards. is one of a handful of work operating systems currently offering data residency functionality in Australia, demonstrating our continued commitment to our APAC customers.

“Offering our customers an option to connect to a local data center supports the momentum we’ve experienced in the past year with the launch of our APAC headquarters in Sydney. The region will be invaluable for empowering customer growth, enabling them to securely manage and store their data on local soil for all products, including monday sales CRM. We’re committed to continually evolving and enhancing our customers’ experience, and AWS’ Sydney Region will play an integral role in supporting the infrastructure and business requirements of local companies, large and small,” said Dean Swan, Regional Vice President Asia Pacific & Japan at

The building blocks of our latest data region infrastructure

Bringing this new data region to our customers was the result of a collaborative, company-wide effort, including sales, R&D, product and infrastructure teams, which ensured secure architecture was put in place to best serve our customers’ evolving needs. As with our US and European data regions, holds our APAC customer data storage up to the highest security standards. This assurance enables companies in a range of different sectors, including financial services, healthcare, legal, and eCommerce, to expand their use of all products, knowing their data is protected.

Establishing a secure and robust data center is a multi-step process that begins with building a solid infrastructure followed by A/B testing and rounds of feedback. Releasing the new hosted data region to our APAC customer base was a strategic process that began with a pilot project. To start, we selected a customer pool of companies representing varying industries, use cases, and company sizes to test connectivity with our Australian data region. In line with our company’s commitment to a collaborative feedback culture, this approach enabled us to gather vital insights from our customers, analyze them and respond accordingly to support their business needs. Through rigorous A/B testing and close attention to the customer experience, speed, and functionality, we implemented any necessary adjustments to ensure everything was configured correctly for a successful rollout.

Fast, secure, and seamless data storage

Launching our first data center in the region is a milestone that we’re proud to reach, and we’re delighted to deliver powerful, secure, and compliant solutions that protect our customers’ information. We are always looking for new ways to empower organizations to achieve more at work, and we believe our new data region is a firm step towards achieving that. We look forward to seeing the inevitable growth and progress of our APAC customers and the amazing ways they use to revolutionize their work.

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