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My Focus: The new personal digital planner to get your week in order

Eliana Atia

We all know that Work OS helps teams get their work done. Whether it’s completing a project, process or your everyday work, you and your team can get on the same page in seconds to get more work done, faster.

But whoever said there is no “I” in team…clearly never had to manage their own schedule.

We know that one of the toughest challenges is sitting down every week to understand what your priorities are and then boiling that down into daily projects and goals. And with all of the initiatives you get pulled into and the cool projects of other teams— it can be difficult to deduce your individual priorities within your account.

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Introducing My Focus – Your personal digital planner

Think of My Focus as your daily digital planner, there to help you gain control of your daily tasks and goals. This is your personal space to set goals, define priorities, and organize your daily work.

It’s not about sharing with your team or setting unrealistic goals: it’s about staying on top of your schedule so you feel more confident and less stressed.

Item-to-calendar sync 

Finding it hard to schedule “work time” in-between meetings? You can easily add any of your board items (that means tasks, support tickets, sales opportunities, or any of the small projects that make up your day) to your calendar in order to block off the necessary time to focus on what you need to get done.

Daily check-ins

Set your daily check-in question at the beginning of the day –  something like “What will you be proud to accomplish by the end of the day?” and check-in with yourself at the end of the day. Didn’t get it done? Masterpieces take time. It’s not a competition, and your answers are only visible to you, My Focus is all about defining and acknowledging the small goals that help you move forward.

My items

My items will arrange all of the items you’re assigned to in one organized place so you can sort, prioritize, and link to your calendar.

Managing your calendar, items, and priorities has always been hard, but being distanced from your team can make it that much more of a challenge. My Focus was built to help you do your best work, so you can help your team succeed.

Learn everything you need to know to get started with My Focus here!

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Eliana Atia
Eliana is a marketer and storyteller who uses her diverse industry experience to create compelling content. A Texas native and current Telavivian, she’s finding her place somewhere between BBQ tacos and falafel pitas.
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