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Easily recover deleted items with new feature update

Jackie Goldberg 2 min read
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Summer is winding down but our dev team is hot. Here are three of the product updates we’re most excited about this month – from getting a little quite time by silencing board notifications to restoring deleted items or boards so nothing is ever accidentally lost, read below for the details.

  • Easily find your “Favorites”
    The favorites button has moved to a more easily accessible location.
  • Silence board notifications
    Mute notifications from specific boards or only get notified when you’re mentioned or assigned to something.
  • Easily restore deleted items
    All deleted items, subitems, columns, groups, boards, and dashboards now get stored in the Recycle Bin.

Get the details:

Easily find your “Favorites”

We moved the “Favorites” button from within the workspaces menu to the main surface menu. Now, you can get to your most important boards in fewer clicks.

Here’s where you can find the “Favorites” button:

Silence board notifications

Reduce noise and unnecessary notifications from your boards by muting notifications. You can choose specific boards to completely mute notifications or adjust your settings to only get notified when you’re mentioned or assigned to something.

Here’s how to adjust your settings:

Easily restore deleted items

Did you accidentally delete something crucial? Now, deleting is not the end of the story. Deleted items, subitems, boards, columns, groups, and dashboards stay in your Recycle Bin for 30 days. You can choose to restore or permanently delete anything in the bin.

Here’s how to get to your Recycle Bin:


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