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Introducing the monday apps marketplace 4 min read
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At, we understand that different teams have different needs and successful businesses need to be flexible and agile. That’s why we launched the monday apps framework, giving users, partners, and builders the freedom to quickly build apps on top of the platform, making it easier than ever to extend it to support their ever-growing needs.

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During this short period of time, so many amazing new monday apps and extensions have been created and shared with you, our users. With that, we also heard you and learned that you are looking for a better, more efficient, way to discover and use these apps to streamline your workflows and make your teamwork even better. So without further ado…

Welcome the monday apps marketplace!

In the monday apps marketplace, you can find incredible ready-made apps that expand the capabilities of the platform and fit the unique needs of your business’s workflows, processes, and projects – all in one place.

Bringing you best-in-class apps

leading monday apps

We’re launching the marketplace with apps of all sizes, shapes, and forms. Among the apps we have already released, you can find integrations like Typeform that will boost the way you receive data from your customers, like Miro that will further drive product team creativity, and Unito which adds powerful 2-way sync capabilities with the plethora of systems you already work with.

Additionally, you will find many more completely new apps with different functionalities, such as a new way to run meetings by Meetly, an automatic document creation app by DocuGen, an easy way to digitally sign documents and contracts by OP.Sign, an innovative way to automate your shop floor process by Skiply and of course the grand-prize winner of the marketplace app challenge: 1View by Serandibsoft, that allows you to create a single customized view across all boards.

Stay tuned for more incredible apps

This is just the beginning. We are continuously reviewing and adding new apps to the marketplace so all of you users can find an app for every use-case, every workflow, and every need you have.

Find the perfect app for you – in just a few simple steps

marketplace step-by-step



The marketplace makes finding and installing apps easier than ever. Simply use the search bar or browse through the marketplace categories to find the apps you need. To see all of the details and security information, all you have to do is click the app to open its details page. 

Bear in mind that in consideration of your organization security, only admins can install apps. However, if you’re not an admin and you find an app that you like, just click the install button to notify your admin right away.

With the monday apps marketplace, there are truly no limits to what you and your team can achieve on The selection of cutting-edge ready-made apps provides endless workflow options that fit your business’s unique needs. So check out the marketplace today and find custom views, widgets, integrations, and automations that will make your teamwork even better.

Do you want to build your own monday app?

If you are a builder working in a product company, a consultant working for a system integrator, or an indie developer – we would love for you to join the ride! Build an app and list it in the marketplace to directly impact the lives and work of over 100,000 companies that use

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