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7 new features that will make your life at work way better

Laura Binder 3 min read
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It’s our mission to create a product that not only solves huge challenges you face at work on a day-to-day basis, but also delights you in all the little ways. That’s what makes  a tool that teams actually love to use.

In case you missed it, here are 7 big things we’ve added to monday over the past few months that make it even more awesome:

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1. The monday app is now 10x faster and smoother
We rebuilt our board infrastructure from scratch with the best technology. Boards are now lightning-fast and beautiful to work with. It’s like trading in your house cat for an African cheetah. Less meow, more roar. 🙂 There are also lots of new little UI delights to improve your overall experience. And best of all, we now we can build and release new features way faster than before.

2. Import any spreadsheet from Excel
There’s so much we love about Excel—it’s crazy versatile. But we know that teams also need to communicate, collaborate in real-time, and make changes on the fly.  You can now import any spreadsheet from Excel into the monday app, and we’ll magically create a board with all your data, exactly the way you structured it. As one of our users said: “It’s magic! It’s like raining unicorns!”

3. Rescue things you’ve deleted from the Recycle Bin
You now have total control over the pulses, groups, columns, or boards you delete. Rather than disappearing forever, what you delete simply moves to the Recycle Bin and stays there for 30 days. If you regret your decision, no need to panic—just restore it with a click.

4. You can now batch edit the timeline column
Remember the one feature that really changed our lives? It’s the one where you can select multiple pulses and do things to them all at once. Until now, it wasn’t possible to batch edit the revolutionary timeline column. Well, now you can—which makes planning and time management that much easier.

5. Easily switch between boards
If you have a lot of boards in your left pane, the new BoltSwitch is a life-saver. Just press command B, type in the board name, and voila: there it is. Why search when you can switch?

6. Easily change and add board owners
If you’re an admin, can you now easily add new owners to someone else’s boards. This is great in the event that someone leaves your team and you need to easily transfer over ownership of their boards fast.

7. Need inspiration? Try our new templates!
We learned from the most successful teams and agencies from around the world and built you some templates based off their processes. Browse through dozens of examples and discover cool new ways to manage your workload. Customize them and make them your own!

We have heaps more in the pipeline—check out our roadmap to see what’s coming up next!

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