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Product updates

New feature: import any spreadsheet from Excel

Laura Binder 2 min read
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Great news: you can now import any spreadsheet from Excel into! Just drag and drop your file, and we’ll magically create a board with your data, exactly the way you structured it. Excel is one of the most popular tools on the planet, but we know a lot of you also need the extra collaboration features that make awesome: @mentioning your teammates, staying updated in real-time, and creating transparency so everyone’s on the same page. Now it only takes a few clicks to transfer that information to!

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It’s kind of like moving into a swanky and beautiful new home, but not having to deal with any of the hassle and stress of actually moving. Poof, all your furniture and stuff magically appears in your new place, neatly organized just the way you like it. The feedback so far has been great (our favorite so far: “It’s magic! It’s like raining unicorns!”) Our goal was to save you time and energy, and we hope you like it, too 🙂

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