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How an enterprise marketing company saw a 288% ROI from

Eliana Atia 4 min read
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For today’s managers, measuring the productivity of your team is not as simple as checking who stayed the latest in the office. Projects are managed on-the-go, team members are spread across the globe, and a single deliverable may involve collaboration across multiple teams. The modern team needs one system where they can plan, run, and track processes and projects, and manage their everyday work. That’s where Work OS comes in. A cloud-based platform that is as flexible as today’s organizational needs, enabling custom apps to fit every workflow. We know that helps teams manage projects and collaborate across their organization, but how can you really measure the effect of a good Work OS and improved productivity?

We asked Forrester to take a closer look – and they found that Work OS provided a 288% ROI for an enterprise marketing company. Download the full study here.

How to measure impact: Framework and methodology 

The Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, constructed by Forrester, is a methodology used to help companies demonstrate, justify, and realize the value of work platforms for key business stakeholders.

To conduct the TEI, Forrester interviewed an enterprise marketing company using to build a financial model on costs, benefits, flexibility, and risks.

Solving organizational challenges in an enterprise environment

A global enterprise company of approximately 1,000 employees kicked off their adoption of in their New York office with a team of 100. The team had been dealing with organizational challenges, including:

  • Segregated client information
    The team had no central, shared database where all client information was accessible to anyone who needed it. This led to disorganization and misinformation across the team.
  • Inefficient campaign launch processes
    Lack of a clear process for campaign launches led to long, unfocused meetings, miscommunication around updates, and repetitive back-and-forth.
  • Lack of visibility on project progress
    Without a way to visually track all of the moving parts within a project, campaign managers spent much of their time tracking status updates and addressing bottlenecks.

“We needed a central place to store and organize information about our clients, so that people from any group can easily know what is going on with that client at any moment.”

VP of product operations

The team was looking for a solution that could integrate with the tools they were already using and serve as a single digital workspace for the entire team. They needed something that was easy to adopt but also able to easily automate manual tasks and enhance campaign launches with project tracking capabilities.

288% ROI using 

Forrester conducted risk-factored analysis to model the benefits the company saw after implementing and actively using

  • 288% ROI and less than 3 months payback period
    Improved team productivity and improved revenue due to faster time-to-market led to financial benefits of $659,620 over 3 years.
  • 50% reduction in campaign meeting time
    With all information consolidated in one place, meetings were shorter and more efficient.
  • Total of 15,600 hours saved for the company
    By streamlining communication, consolidating files, and visualizing project management, the company was able to save thousands of hours— allowing them to focus on the work that matters.
  • Improved team productivity at a value of $525,095
    Using Forrester’s TEI methodology, total value to the company as a result of was almost 3x the company’s initial investment.

“We are able to cut down our launch queue discussions to half an hour now, since things are so clear, and we can move through meetings a lot faster.”

VP of product operations

A Work OS to maximize organizational productivity

All organizations strive for efficiency and productivity, but the processes and tools that aim to help reach that goal, quickly become the bureaucracy that gets in the way. Understanding that your team needs to improve how they manage projects and processes can be easy, but realizing how to quantify productivity is no simple feat. is a Work OS that lets you cut through the noise and focus on the work that matters. Using Forrester’s TEI report, leaders and managers can see the financial impact that comes from improved project management, transparent internal communication, and highly engaged employees.

To dig deeper into Forrester’s findings, you can download the full TEI report here.

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