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Facebook post templates to grow your following 8 min read
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Whether you’re building a personal brand or trying to connect with consumers to boost sales for business, Facebook is a great way to reach a lot of people — in fact, 70% of Facebook users say they check the platform daily, and almost half say they scroll the site several times a day. Publishing regular content on Facebook to engage users is much easier and much more efficient when you use resources like Facebook post templates.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can use Facebook templates across a variety of social media marketing and content campaigns to achieve your goals and streamline your process. You’ll also find a simple, easy-to-customize Facebook post template you can use with our Work OS to power through content creation and posting.

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What is a Facebook post template?

Facebook post templates are pre-designed text or graphic elements that help you create content for your social media page quickly. When you use templates to create Facebook posts, you add your own words, images, and brand elements—such as colors—to something that already exists.

Why use Facebook post templates?

The biggest benefit of using Facebook post templates is increased efficiency. It’s faster and easier to create content when you’re not starting from scratch every time, helping teams keep pace with desired social media posting schedules.

Skipping the sizing and font placement on an image or not having to type all the information for a post can save you seconds or minutes. If you’re posting one to two times daily, that time savings can add up to a few hours for the month—hours you can redeem for free time or other important work tasks.

Pre-designed templates for Facebook provide the foundation for all your go-to post types. Understanding the types of templates you can create or use helps you see how such a simple tool can make a big impact on social media content creation processes. Templates help prevent creativity blocks, too.

Seeing designs or words on the page gives you a great jumping off point for more ideas.

Using templates also ensures an aligned approach for your Facebook page content—and even across your entire social media portfolio. You can pick colors and fonts one time for templates and replicate those elements without added work for every post. When you use the same brand design elements on all your posts, your audience is more likely to recognize the content as coming from you.

What are some examples of Facebook post templates?

Facebook offers a number of post types, including video, photo, text, event, question, and link posts. You can use templates to create all these post types faster and easier than starting from scratch.

Facebook sponsored post templates 

Sponsored posts can take the form of any standard post type, but you pay to boost them to users outside your regular audience. Facebook ad tools make it easy to test sponsored posts, launching various versions to users who match the demographics and interests you select. Sponsored posts templates let you quickly re-create post types and styles that are most successful with your target audiences—a benefit that helps you drive more ROI for future Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook photo post templates 

Images—and videos—are powerhouse post types if you want more engagement on Facebook. Posts with photographs get around 104% more comments and 53% more likes than text-only posts. They also drive more clicks, which means getting more people to your website where they can make a purchase, set up an appointment, or take another desired action.

Facebook photo post templates let you quickly create attractive posts that draw in users.

Facebook link post templates

While Facebook offers plenty of ecommerce and branding tools, most people eventually want their audience to migrate from a business or brand Facebook page to the website. Including links in your posts is how you invite followers to take that next step. Facebook link post templates are prepped and ready so you can create a winning invitation repeatedly with very little effort.

With the right tools, you can streamline Facebook content creation and fill your social media editorial calendar with quality content. That’s true whether you post a few times a week for a single business or manage social media posts for a dozen brands.

Get started’s Facebook post template

Facebook post file view’s Facebook post template lets you create content for your business, personal, or brand Facebook page in minutes. Plus, you can leverage other Work OS tools to make Facebook content creation and management even easier:

  •  Integrate with Facebook: Our Work OS supports integration for Facebook ads, and you can use tools such as Zapier for even more comprehensive integrations. Pull data from Facebook into to inform content and ad decisions, or launch Facebook posts right from the board for greater efficiency.
  • Use boards to manage content workflow: Divide and conquer social media content needs across your team with boards that make it easy to keep track of post tasks, assign content items to team members, and automate workflow so nothing falls through the cracks. Facebook posts move seamlessly from ideation to content generation to graphic design to publishing when you set up a workflow that works for you.
  • Create a space for brainstorming ideas: Dedicate a monday workdoc or board where you or the team can drop ideas for Facebook posts as they come up. Jot notes on topics you want to cover, add memes and images for future campaigns, and capture copy that is too good to waste for content down the line.

Facebook post plan Gantt Chart view

Our template will become a key part of your success in regularly posting content to Facebook. We also know that social media marketing efforts often extend beyond Facebook, so let’s explore a few more templates and other tools that let you enjoy greater efficiency and organization for that work too.

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Related templates 

Win big on efficiency, productivity, and more with other templates relevant for social media marketing.

Content calendar templates 

A tried-and-true approach to managing content and ensuring you’re publishing on a cadence that makes sense involves using a content calendar. Content calendar templates let you schedule content down to the nitty-gritty factors, such as exactly when and where each post or piece should be published. If your social media presence is robust or you have a team dedicated solely to social, you can also use social media calendar templates to break that part of marketing out for better oversight.

Templates for other social media sites

Depending on your target audience and marketing needs, you might spend more time on other social media sites. Consider using tools such as:

  • Instagram post templates: Instagram templates let you quickly combine the perfect pic, a witty caption, and your favorite hashtags for ‘grammable content.
  • Twitter post templates: Twitter templates help keep you within the bounds of the site’s short post structure while making it easy to add links, photos, and hashtags.
  • LinkedIn post templates: LinkedIn templates let you appeal to professional audiences within your niche while ensuring posts maintain the same look and feel for better brand awareness.

FAQs about Facebook post templates

How do you structure a perfect Facebook post?

You can write up to 63,206 characters per Facebook post, but shorter is better. Keep posts to around 50 characters when possible; otherwise, use only the characters required to create a clear, interesting message. Other tips for great Facebook post structure include:

  • Add an image, link, or both to increase engagement
  • Use simple, easy-to-read language
  • Start with an action verb whenever possible

How do you choose a Facebook template for posts?

Think about the purpose of your post. Do you want to share an image, provide a link, or ask a question? Choose a template designed specifically for your purpose that also meets the style requirements for your brand.

How do I customize my Facebook page?

Using templates to ensure all your posts align with your brand is a great way to customize your Facebook page and make it stand out from the crowd. Other options include using a Facebook vanity URL, adding call-to-action buttons, and customizing the tabs.

Foolproof Facebook social media marketing with’s template

Social media management requires attending to many details, including posting at a consistent pace while maintaining quality content. Starting with a Facebook post template reduces the effort and time required for every Facebook status update by taking basic formatting choices and tasks out of the process — so you can spend your energy coming up with creative content that’s likely to increase conversions or smash your other goals.

Teams and individuals growing a following on Facebook rely on our templates and task management tools to make the job easier — are you ready to join them?

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