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Win more job bids with a free contractor proposal template

Rebecca Wojno 8 min read
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General contraction template board view

As you prepare for an upcoming construction project, you’ll likely need to set yourself apart from competitors and prove your value. No matter the size of the project, a contractor proposal template can help you position your services as the best in the area. We’ll go over how to best use’s contractor proposal template, get the most out of our Work OS, and provide some tips to help you successfully land your next project. Before introducing our template, it might be helpful to remind ourselves of what this document is and what it typically includes.

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What is a contractor proposal template?

A contractor proposal template is the step between an estimate and a final contract. The proposal outlines the project’s terms such as the client’s needs, material and labor costs, and the expected project completion date. Ideally, contractors will use a proposal template after meeting with the client to ensure they can meet the project demands. For those familiar with contracting assets, this may sound like an estimate, but a contractor proposal template is an essential deep dive into the specifications of the job along with an expected completion date. By taking the time to record the client’s needs, expectations, and project scope, a proposal template can help contractors get more jobs at faster rates.

Why use a contractor proposal template?

New construction comes with leagues of regulations and local mandates. A contractor proposal template lets you showcase your experience so that prospective clients know they can trust your work to pass even the most rigorous inspection.

Utilizing a contractor proposal template rather than a high-level estimate or quote allows you and the client to discuss terms such as budget and schedule to come to an agreement quickly. Given the level of detail found within a contractor proposal template, there’s a good chance that your clients will be ready to make an informed decision soon after their review.

As with contracting projects, there’s a wide variety of proposal templates depending on the need. Before building a template, it’s often helpful to take a look at different template types and get an idea of what to include.

What are some examples of contractor proposal templates?

To get the best results from a contractor proposal template, it’s important to tailor it to your specific industry or specialty. For example, a licensed tradesmen will have different value offerings than an architect as they fulfill different requirements of a construction project. The contractor proposal template was created with this in mind and can be customized to each job you bid for.

Construction contractor proposal template

General contractor solution template Gantt View

Used by general contractors and subcontractors alike, a construction contractor proposal template provides clients with a comprehensive outline of how you or your team will complete the job at hand. Using a  construction contractor proposal template allows you to create your bid from a solid jumping off point,—as opposed to having to start from scratch every time— making it it easy to bid for multiple jobs at a time and keep all information organized.

Service contractor proposal template

General contractor solution Board View on

If you’re a licensed tradesmen, you bring additional value to the table due to your credentials and backing by established organizations. A service contractor proposal contains information unique to your experience and showcases certifications clients can easily verify with your local licensing board or your state’s Department of Labor.

Non-construction contractor proposal template

A non-construction contractor proposal template covers those who provide services on new construction projects, but aren’t directly involved with the construction itself. For example, a designer brought on to develop the project design could use a template to  highlight experience and past work.

A flexible contractor proposal template can adapt to any of these situations to help you create a consistent proposal process for both you and your potential clients.

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Streamline your proposals with’s Work OS and contractor proposal template

In order to get the chance to showcase your work, you’ll need to be ready with a contractor proposal template the moment an opportunity presents itself. A flexible and customizable solution, such as’s Work OS helps you quickly place pertinent information in the proper fields of the template before sending it off to the client.

Generate a high-quality contractor proposal template that will impress clients in minutes.

Create as many proposals from our contractor proposal template as you want and customize them with your company’s branding for a consistent experience across all clients. By starting bids off with a clean and professional proposal, you’ll instantly create extra value and incentive for a client to choose you over the other bids on their desk. On, you can effortlessly manage the proposal process from creation to managing bid statuses.

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Track each proposal  

Manage and track each proposal on Work OS. Create detailed listings for each client along with where they are in the proposal timeline, from the initial estimate through to the contract signing. If you have a team of subcontractors, you can assign each of them their tasks for the day, create a backlog, and instantly assign the next task as they complete the previous one. There are dozens of factors that go into new construction. A flexible and customizable contractor proposal template from is one way you can create smoother processes for bids and have all important information in one central place.


Related templates to contractor proposal templates

A contractor proposal template benefits contractors from any background. If you intend to scale your services into a larger business then you may want to integrate additional construction templates to create a consistent set of processes across the board. Let’s go over a few more templates that can help you stay organized and smoothly manage your projects.

Construction bid template’s construction bid template is similar to a contractor proposal template, but provides additional information such as work details, terms and conditions, an expiration date for the bid, and any updates that emerged between the proposal and the final bid. One example of an update could be an unforeseen change in local building codes that affects a  completion date or the work itself.

Construction project tracking template

A construction project tracking template by is an invaluable tool for construction project managers and their teams. With the ability to separate tasks based on each project, project managers can easily determine if certain tasks require additional support and which projects can afford to have a worker temporarily assist elsewhere.

Construction roadmap template

Our construction roadmap template by lets you, your team, and your clients visualize the timeline of an upcoming project. Customizing a construction roadmap template helps you determine what each step of the project needs to be completed. By preparing for each milestone, you’ll save your clients time and money which carries value beyond dollars and cents.

Even if you’ve been in the industry for years, there’s always more to learn surrounding how to create an effective contractor proposal template. Check out these commonly asked questions below.

FAQs about contractor proposal templates

What should be included in a contractor proposal?

Presenting a client with a contractor proposal means you intend to complete the work based on the project requirements. In order for the client to agree, you’ll need to provide details on how you’ll deliver on the promised work. This includes:

  • Materials used
  • Payment schedules
  • Completion dates for each step of the build
  • Contact information for both parties
  • Terms and conditions that protect you and the client

Depending on the project, there may be specific details that should be included. Always check with your state’s local requirements for proposals and bids to ensure all regulations are followed.

How do you begin a contractor proposal?

The start of a contractor proposal is a balance between creating a professional presentation and providing the client with the information they need. By the time you’re ready to send your first proposal, you will already have a contractor proposal template with your company logo and branding.

Begin with the project’s scope—your clients will comb through this part to ensure you’re both on the same page for the upcoming job.

What are some tips for winning contract proposals?

Contracting is all about making connections and maintaining relationships with clients and developers. Focus on transparency when it comes to your skills, materials and their manufacturers, labor and building costs, and the bidding process. While you don’t need to share all of your trade secrets, honesty goes a long way in establishing new working relationships.

Effortlessly scale your contractor business with

By building a contractor proposal template with the Work OS, you’ll be able to spend less time in the office and more time out on the job delivering professional construction services. Automate tasks, collaborate with your support staff, and see how well your proposals are performing all from one dashboard.

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