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4 templates every construction manager needs

Adi Pick 4 min read
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Being a construction manager is hard work, and it can often feel like you need to be in 1,000 different places at the same time, and without the proper construction tools—both literally and figuratively—it can seem impossible to keep track of it all. With construction projects spread across the city, countless permits to file, and employees working both on-site and in the office, getting everything organized into one, customizable workflow will help make your life a whole lot easier.

These 4 templates, built to work seamlessly on both desktop and mobile app, will come in handy to give you a better view of all of your projects to get them all off the ground, literally.

Construction projects high-level template

The construction projects high-level board keeps track of absolutely all of your projects that fall under the same category, no matter their geographic location. Each product falls under whichever phase it is currently in: initiation, design and planning, bidding and procurement, execution and construction, and the close-out phase. The high-level view board contains a column for each and every piece of information you could possibly need for every construction project, from highlighting the project manager, to showing the project’s location, or even calling attention to budget gaps between the project’s budget and the amount currently spent. Gain a clear view of your entire team’s workflow in one, meaningful template.

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Specific project template

Within each construction project, there are countless deliverables, pieces, and people involved, which is why each one should have all of their moving parts tracked in one, organized place. Each project is divided into the five phases used in the high-level view, but with each and every step or plan organized into subitems. Whenever a team member requests information, it is easily tracked within the board, and project updates and permit statuses are kept up-to-date to keep everyone aligned both in the office and onsite.

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Project details template

Managing different construction projects requires getting a handle on many different details for each project, which is no easy feat. The project details templates breaks down each project into subcategories, such as each floor within a building, and helps track and manage every little detail within it, from electrical configurations to shift managers to final esthetic details.

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Subcontractors board

No one understands that a large-scale construction project is a team effort better than you do. The subcontractors board makes it easy to keep track of all the different subcontractors and vendors you’re working with, and all their contact info, should you need it. Categorize the subcontractors by type, field, location, or progress, or whichever way is easiest for you to manage your team and projects’ success.

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With’s mobile app, it becomes effortless to keep everyone—including contractors, on-site team members, and clients, up-to-date, at any time and anywhere. These templates were designed with the mobile view in mind to ensure you get a 360-degree holistic view of all your projects, no matter where you are or what device you’re using to do so. The app allows you to upload files and videos from the field, even in offline mode, and enables uploading a whole variety of different files, even from tablets.

Having an organized way to track every aspect of your construction projects, the ability to share important information with all of your team members whether on-site or in the office, and having a clear overview of where everything stands is essential for any successful construction manager.


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Raised in Vancouver, Adi can now be found in sunny Tel Aviv trying to find the best slice of pizza on this side of the Mediterranean while trying to maintain the stereotype of Canadian politeness, eh?
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