Manage all of your HR processes in one place helps you easily manage all your recruitment, onboarding, and employee management in one organized visual place
Easy and intuitive
A simple tool to manage your HR needs that your team will actually want to use
Customize to fit your workflows
Start with a template and adjust it to your specific workflows and processes
See at a glance where things stand
With colorful views you'll always know where you processes stand and what you should do next
Manage Processes
Manage your job recruitment with ease
Get a clear visual view of all your job recruitment, and see where each candidate stand
Capture job applications from your website
Customize the form and add the data you want to collect, embed it into your site. That's it! All the submissions from you website will be collected
Time Tracking
Track your employees time
Use our time tracking tool to keep track on employee's attendance, leave and time spent on projects
Measure your employees performances
Use our graphs to get an overview on employees performances, set goals and give feedback
Variety of templates
Job Recruitment
Employee Onboarding
Job Referrals
Stories from our community
Recruitment Tracker
for HR
"Why use a number of different recruitment trackers, evaluation forms and Reporting Manager feedback when you can store it all in one place?"
Shaday Duncombe, Taka Solutions
Employee referral tracking
"This template houses all the information we need to document a complex process that requires input from several team members working remotely."
Adrianne M Troia, IvyGate
Keeping my short and long-term goals visible
"It keeps my motivation levels high, would also be a great tool for sales managers."
Christopher Booth, Findrs