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How to create your social media calendar

Streamline social content approval processes

Create checklists and brainstorm ideas for posts with forms and workdocs.
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Capture & review ideas

Streamline social content approval processes

Create checklists and brainstorm ideas for posts with forms and workdocs.
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Add assets & copy

Add relevant post information

Use columns to add files, hashtags, task owners, content categories, and more for a detailed social calendar.
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Integrate your tools

Integrate with popular social media tools

Sync Facebook Ads and Adobe Creative Cloud for streamlined post analysis and asset management.
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Schedule posts

Use views & automations

See your social media activity in classic calendar or Gantt chart view and set deadline reminders.
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What you get with our social media calendar

Use our flexible platform to create a social media calendar template you can use again and again.
Social media synergy

Your most important tools in one place

Go beyond a basic social media calendar to create a space where designers, copywriters, and project managers can collaborate in different formats.
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Smooth campaign planning

Seamless workflows with custom views and automations

See long-term social media campaigns and how they relate to other company initiatives while keeping on top of performance stats.
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Digital asset management

Real-time & in-context collaboration

With views and columns for files, annotations and versioning, collaboration between key stakeholders keeps social media campaigns on schedule and top quality.
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Data-driven impact

Customized reporting & goal tracking

In addition to useful integrations for campaigns, our dashboards and reports help easily manage, track, and optimize your efforts in real-time and compare results to marketing goals.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A social media content calendar helps teams and individuals plan and keep track of their social media posts. It keeps a record of the number of posts, which platforms they go on, their publish dates, and usually any assets that are included.
  • A social media calendar can range from a document with a list of posts and dates to a spreadsheet, or to a template like on, which allows you to toggle between a social media calendar view and a board view listing all posts names, their content, and other details.
  • With Google Sheets, you can use the columns to create labels for post type, which social media channel it’s for, the scheduled publish dates, and potentially even engagement statistics such as clicks, comments, or likes. However, the challenge with a Google Sheets social media calendar is that it’s heavily reliant on manual effort that can lead to inaccuracy and inefficient use of time.
  • A content calendar or editorial calendar tends to be a more high-level overview of content to be produced or published, whereas a social media calendar gets granular with details about social media platforms, copy, assets, results, etc.
  • This describes a strategy for content creation. For example, you could post 3 tweets, 2 Facebook posts, and 1 blog.

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