What to look for in a CRM for gym owners

Gyms are about community and relationships. Many CRMs have features that make it easy to maintain customer relationships, access data for smarter decision-making, and automate repetitive tasks so owners can put more effort into winning strategies. These features may include:

  • Automations to save time and limit repetitive work so you can focus on what matters
  • Integrations that keep all your tools in one place for maximum efficiency
  • Views that let you visualize aspects of your business—such as scheduling— in different ways
  • Dashboards to access real-time insights into your business so you can feel more confident making decisions
  • monday.com has all of the capabilities of a CRM for gym owners, plus more.

    Our fully customizable, user-friendly platform lets you handle all of your work in one place. Start creating your CRM system from ready-made templates or easily tailor any recruitment pipeline, workflow, and process to drive real business impact. Here's what you'll get on our platform:
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    Total flexibility

    Different gyms have specific needs. Customize your CRM software to work for you in just a few clicks. Edit columns to reflect member information, record of payments, inventory, and more. Manage schedules, communication methods, and work orders on one platform.
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    Intuitive interface

    Our drag and drop functionality makes it easy to create workflows, see where memberships stand, and get things done. Easily add statuses to tasks, assign team members to tasks, and write updates without needing to spend time figuring out the software.
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    Robust automations

    Focus on engaging and retaining members instead of repetitive processes that slow you down. Use our automatic reminders to send membership renewal emails, get notified when team members finish tasks, onboard new members, send personalized communications, and more.
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    Multiple views

    Visualize tasks, updates, events, pipelines, and other data however you want. monday.com offers views such as: Calendar, Gantt chart, Kanban board, Timeline, Chart, Map plus others. For instance, use the Kanban View to see members' needs and assign employees to attend to them.
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    Display all your important information in one place with custom dashboards. Increase visibility into membership rates, monthly balances, and team performance. Run reports from a high-level view of your business down to tiny details. Use to the Chart Widget to show the number of new memberships gained each month.
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    Use all of your favorite tools to run your gym from one platform. Set up your integrations in just a few clicks. Choose from Slack, Google Calendar, Zoom, Zapier, Gmail, and other essential tools. Once you set up your integrations, create custom automation recipes in seconds to streamline your pipeline.

    Frequently asked questions

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    What is CRM software fitness?
    Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps fitness businesses find and keep members. Without a system that manages customer relationships, understanding customer behavior and growth opportunities is tough.
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    How do you keep track of your gym members?
    What are some CRM activities?

    Create a powerful CRM solution

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