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Planting a greener future

We’re planting 265,000 trees across 4 different forests over the next 18 months.
Here’s the what, why, where, and how you can get involved.

Plant by numbers

The stats behind our forests

~85 kgCO2
sequestered per tree over a 40-year lifetime

265 k

trees to plant by 2023


local communities

(To give you an idea, that’s
equivalent to ~156 US
football fields)

m² of land


acres of land

Background info

Our mission

This all started with The Elevate Show ‘22,’s annual online conference. Instead of sending physical gifts to registrants like we had in past years, we wanted to make a positive, environmentally-friendly impact — so we decided to plant one tree in honor of every registrant.

The thing is, we started to realize that our impact could extend way beyond Elevate. That’s why we’re partnering with our community to plant 4 entire forests in Southeast Africa.

Together, we’ll help offset carbon emissions, raise awareness for sustainable swag options, and empower local communities.

forestation (1)

Environmental impact

Why plant a forest?

Combat global warming

The average tree in Ecologi’s current tree mix will sequester 85 kgCO2 per tree over a 40-year lifetime.

Promote biodiversity

Healthier forests create more sustainable habitats for each regions’ precious mammal, bird, insect, fish, and plant species.

Support local communities

We’re partnering with each regions’ farmers to strengthen crop production as well as local economies.

About our projects

Get to know our forests


Meet our planting partners


We chose Ecologi to manage our tree planting efforts, so we know our trees are in good hands. Working with their trusted reforestation partners, Ecologi enables over 14,300 companies to plant millions of trees each month, in sites all around the world.

Local planters

The trees will be planted by local people who are invested in the success of the projects. In turn, the project helps strengthen local economies and improve access to education and healthcare, as well as supporting local biodiversity.

Elevate ‘22 participants

Instead of sending swag, we planted a tree with every registration to our annual conference. From increased efficiency to reducing our carbon footprint, it was all about breathing easier.

Thank you
for taking part

We know this is just the start of how we can minimize our carbon footprint. We’ll be thinking creatively together - so whether it’s energy saved or materials used smarter, we can all build a future where we breathe a bit easier.