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Enhance your roadmaps

Transform product planning to Jira tasks

Convert your product roadmap from's work operating system into Jira tasks. Automatically notify team members when due dates are overdue, met or when tasks have been updated

Easily track product issues

Keep customer support and developers aligned

Transform incoming issues that arrive from your customer support team to automatically create issues in your Jira account. Keep both teams up to date throughout every phase until the issue is resolved and get back to your customers faster

Connect design and development

Create transparency and enhance communication

Easily track progress of your design and development phases in one place. Seamlessly share and notify team members on design changes or updates to developer tasks

Analyze customer feedback

Turn customer feedback into action in Jira

Automatically take requests and turn them into tasks and projects all while maintaining transparency of their progress to clients. Now with automations, you can drive your tasks in the right direction from start to finish