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Enhance team brainstorming with a word mind map template 5 min read
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The best work teams are made up of those who approach a project analytically, as well as those who use creativity to think outside the box. For a project’s success, you need a mix of both.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of a mind map to organize information during brainstorming sessions, and provide valuable resources for word mind map templates. We’ll also discuss how you can use mind maps within our Work OS to help you and your teams collaborate.

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What is a word mind map template?

A word mind map template lets teams brainstorm ideas organically without worrying about structure or order. A mind map visually displays ideas for a topic or a problem and connects subtopics together. Ideas are typically written in bubbles, and lines connect related topics.

People learn and think differently, and the best kind of teamwork involves members who can add a unique element to the process. Some team members are more inclined to think logically and analytically (left brain), while others think more creatively and “out of the box” (right brain). Both strategies and sides of the brain are needed to make projects succeed, which is why smart managers hire a mix of left-brained and right-brained team members to build a successful business.

The process of creating a mind map helps to organize ideas visually and incorporates parts of right- and left-brained thinking in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand. It’s a creative process that combines organization, problem-solving, decision-making, creativity, inspiration, and assessment into one place. Essentially, it’s the ultimate brainstorming tool to make any strategy or project the best it can be with the combined efforts of the team and the unique contributions each member brings.

Why use a word mind map template?

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A mind map is the best way to plan and brainstorm on a simplistic, basic level that allows visual learners — as well as those who are more apt to learn by reading and writing — to organize ideas in a collaborative workspace.

At its core, it’s a diagram that’s used to organize information in a visual format. However, it can be used to synthesize ideas across a spectrum of expertise in an easy-to-understand format that reiterates the basic theme of a campaign or strategy, along with the individual processes, contributions, and keywords needed to implement it.

What are some examples of a word mind map template?

Mind maps are often used in educational settings, but there are many uses for mind map templates in a business context. They can be used to plan marketing campaigns, business strategy, software and product development, and onboarding processes. Any task that requires breaking down a strategy into more manageable steps or brainstorming ways to approach it creatively would be suitable for incorporating a mind map template.

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Word mind map template on

Through the collaborative Whiteboard Template on Work OS, provides teams with a shared space to upload mind map templates that are easily editable based on project needs and scope. It can also help a team organize information visually across locations, allowing each team member to contribute their ideas into an overall map that is easily interpreted — regardless of each contributor’s individual style.

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Related templates on

With customizable solutions for many industries, offers other templates as well, such as the Creative Process Template and Central Idea Template, which can be used to plan marketing campaigns. Here are a few templates similar to mind maps that you might find useful to bring your company’s ideation into aligned execution.

Creative Processes Template

The Creative Processes Template allows your team to visualize the work that is required and to update each contributor’s progress. Deadlines via the calendar view also help to keep your team members on track and on task, while the Creative Request Form helps you organize any problems or bumps in the road that might arise on the path to a successful campaign.

Powerful Campaign Planning Template

Use the Powerful Campaign Planning Template to plan your campaigns in one organized workspace through assigned tasks, status trackers, and deadline countdowns. You can also upload your mind map template into the whiteboard function to keep all team members aware of the original purpose of the project, and keep messages regarding the project streamlined in one location.

Process mapping

A process map offers a visual representation of each step that will be necessary in the process of the campaign or strategy you want to implement. Often called a flowchart or workflow map, a process map lets you see the hierarchy of management and workflow involved for any campaign.

Frequently asked questions

What is a word mind map template?

A word mind map template is a brainstorming technique teams can use when working together to solve problems. A word mind map template allows your team to turn ideas into seamless execution.

What 3 things must a mind map have?

First, a mind map must start with the central idea in the middle. This could be the name of your marketing campaign or the strategy you are hoping to build. Next, the mind map must contain keywords and associations that are attached to the main idea, connected with lines to show proximity and hierarchies. Finally, you should include color and images to visually separate each association.

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When you use the Whiteboard Template available on, it’s easy to bring in-office and remote teams together while working on a project. Brainstorm with collaborative word mind map templates and take the next step towards execution on those ideas.

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