As a Project Manager, it can feel like you need eyes in the back of your head and an extra set (or two) of hands just to get everything aligned. With scattered deadlines, countless deliverables, project dependencies, and more getting everything organized can be the key to a more simple and efficient workflow. 

These 4 project management templates come together to form a complete workflow, from start to finish, that will help you get any project off the ground. Let’s start from the beginning:


Project approval process

The project approval process board is built to help you gather project suggestions and requests from anyone, easily. Through the “View” option, you can send out the board as a form and all responses will be organized within the board. From there, you can track the approval process all the way from “New requests” and “Under consideration”, to “Approved”. Once approved the PM will be assigned, along with the approved project budget. Upon clicking “Approved” a project will be created within the program high level board.

Program high level 

The program high level board will house all of your projects that fall under the same category. Once a project is approved it is created as a project under “Upcoming projects”, this will be your catalog of all upcoming projects. Once the project has moved to the planning stage, updating the status will create a brand new board based on a pre-created template in order to help you plan every aspect of that project. 

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Project planning

Welcome to where the magic happens! Now that your project has been approved, and you are ready to start planning, you will use this project planning board to map out your entire work breakdown structure so you can stay on-track and organized every step of the way. Gain valuable insights on which aspects of your planning are ahead of schedule and where things are lagging behind, with date completion automations, effort management, budget allocations, and project owner—all in one place. Need to get a quick overhead view of your project timeline? View your board in Timeline View in order to see a Gantt chart layout of your project including clear markers for milestone events. 

Program risk register

This board will house the risk analysis across all boards so every project manager can learn from the risk analysis of others. The probability is measured by a weighted calculation of probability and impact with the estimated percentage appearing in the “probability” column to the left. Additional formula automations in the board allow you to automatically understand the expected loss based on the probability of the risk occurring and the full potential loss amount. Based on the information you’ve entered if the response cost is lower than the expected loss, your status will change to mitigate. However, if the response cost is higher, the status will change to track.

Having an organized system to manage every aspect of the project, the ability to share important project information, and a clear overview of where everything stands at any given moment are must-haves for any PM. 

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