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Boost your time management with our Canvas integration 3 min read
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Do you ever wonder how some people seem to get so much work done, while the rest of us struggle to stay on top of our responsibilities? Time management is an age-old struggle, but here at, we’re doing what we can to provide students with a new solution.

Using our Canvas integration is a great way of improving your time management to become efficient and stay top of every task that comes your way.

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Before you can enjoy all has to offer, it is very important you first complete the integration setup. To learn how to set up the Canvas integration, click the following link.

How to start using Canvas LMS with

Once you have your canvas connected to your board, you can  personalize your boards with different columns that help you visualize and organize all of your tasks in an intuitive way. also offers numerous automations that help you work more efficiently by allowing the platform to automatically organize tasks while you can get to work. You can find more information on how to personalize your board and take your Canvas experience to the next level with here

Now that you’ve got the basics down, here’s how you can use our integration to manage your time – both in and out of the classroom – more efficiently. Using the board you created with the integration, click the view “Due dates Calendar” This view allows you to see a calendar with all your tasks their due dates. Click on any of the tasks and a pop up will appear with more specific information on the assignment.

To add even more views, click the + sign in the views section. You can explore new views like our “Kanban” feature, that lets you view the status of all your tasks. You can even create a dashboard to show you the big picture of your to do list. The best part is that you can customize your board to suit your unique needs.

We encourage you to play with the customizable checklist on the right side of the page to change the way the platform presents the information.

Using dashboards is another very useful way of seeing the progress of the tasks you have to do. Add different widgets to show a summary of the information of your different columns in a graphical and easy to understand way.

By taking advantage and using integrations, automations and all the features that the platform has to offer, you will be able to save time planning, organizing and looking for your assignments. Just start working with to complete your tasks and your grades will follow!


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