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Free consulting proposal template to win new clients 9 min read
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When you run a consulting business, it’s not uncommon to spend hours crafting the perfect persuasive proposal to win over potential clients. A consulting proposal template makes the writing process more efficient — it provides a standard framework to guide the narrative and help you outline a comprehensive plan. That way, you can create an impressive proposal and free up more time to spend building the business.

In this article, you’ll learn about standard consulting proposal templates and discover how they can save valuable time. We’ll also examine how to use the customizable template at to improve your proposals and inform your project management workflow.

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What is a consulting proposal template?

A consulting proposal is a document that explains the services you plan to provide during a consulting project for a prospective client; a consulting project template is a guide that helps you write the proposal. It provides a standard format that includes the most important sections in a proposal, including an executive summary, the goals and objectives of the consulting work, the scope of work, key milestones with dates, and the expected results. Many templates also provide space for you to add information about your consulting business, project experience, and suggested budget.

Why use a consulting proposal template?

When you run a consulting business, business proposals are a way of life — you’ll be asked to submit a proposal for nearly every new project. A template streamlines the process, so you can work quickly and meet RFP deadlines with ease. Once you set up a standard template for your company, you can reap the benefits over and over again.

Consulting proposals can reinforce your brand’s visual identity.

Maintain brand identity

Many consulting proposal templates enable you to customize the design with your logo, brand colors, and signature fonts. A branded proposal creates a professional first impression, which can inspire confidence in your company and services. You only need to add the branding once — unless you make changes to the template, it stays the same for future proposals. This consistent customer experience reinforces the company’s visual identity and builds familiarity with the brand.

Save time

A template provides a premade structure, enabling you to spend less time on layout and more on content. Simply adjust the format and headers to suit your company’s services. When it’s time to write a proposal, just save a copy of the template and start writing.

For sections that stay the same on each proposal, such as the business background or leadership team profiles, consider adding boilerplate text directly to the template. The text stays the same for each new proposal, ensuring consistent messaging and eliminating the need to copy and paste. If your firm puts out multiple proposals per week or month, the time savings can add up quickly.

Organize complex information

A consulting proposal contains a great deal of information, particularly when it’s tailored to a large, high-value project. A template provides a structure to organize your ideas and arrange information intuitively. Clear headers enable clients to scan the sections, and a logical hierarchy makes it easier to locate key details quickly. The easier the content is to digest, the more likely a client is to understand what you’re proposing and follow up with questions or a contract.

Set clear expectations

If you’ve ever managed a consulting project, you know that clear expectations are essential for staying on schedule and under budget. A well-organized consulting proposal template provides space for all critical specifications, including deliverables, milestones, timelines, and deadlines. This ensures that everyone is on the same page from the beginning about everything from project scope to delivery dates.

Emphasize the value you bring

When you run a consulting agency, a proposal is often your primary opportunity to make an impression on a potential client. By integrating a template into your workflow, you can ensure that each proposal highlights your company’s unique strengths and capabilities, creating a more compelling business case. You might explain your unique methodology with case studies, for example, or showcase relevant work with a “past projects” section.

A template standardizes the sections you choose, so every author knows to include them. This is particularly helpful in situations where multiple employees are contributing to a single proposal.

Anticipate client questions

When you’ve been consulting in the same industry for a number of years, you and your employees can probably anticipate the questions and concerns a new client will have. A consulting proposal template brings form and order to that institutional knowledge — it helps you think through a project systematically and reminds you of important details.

By refining the template to reflect your team’s collective wisdom, you can craft comprehensive proposals that answer clients’ most pressing questions right off the bat. Standardized sections also eliminate the need to search your memory for past projects, which frees up mental bandwidth and helps you stay focused.

What are some examples of consulting proposal templates?

Every consulting firm is unique — and your proposals should be, too. An effective proposal template is a reflection of your businesses’ competitive advantages: experience, expertise, personnel, and personality.

Consulting proposal templates for small businesses

When you run a small business, time is a finite resource. A consulting proposal template is a great way to bring efficiency to a critical function: bringing in new clients. To make the template work for you, follow these tips:

  • Keep it simple and personal: For small consulting firms, there’s no need for lengthy, formal “about us” sections. In most cases, clients are looking for personal service and in-depth expertise. Highlight your work experience, and explain how it enables you to offer insider insights and highly effective consulting services.
  • Create a detailed structure: If you’re going after a specific type of client, your consulting proposals will often contain similar information. Invest time up front to customize the template to your specific needs; it might help to look at past proposals as a reference. The more tailored the structure, the faster you can send your proposal and secure new business.

Consulting proposal templates for large firms

Large consulting firms often have complicated proposal requirements to account for large-scale projects and clients with precise expectations. In this situation, your consulting proposal template should:

  • Showcase the company: High-value clients often seek out large consulting firms to benefit from their resources. Your proposal template can include in-depth profiles about company leaders and details about the team’s expertise.
  • Include case studies: Convince potential clients of your experience and creative problem-solving skills by featuring relevant case studies. If past clients are well-known in the industry, it can lend credibility to your services.
  • Target different projects and clients: Customize a template for each of your common types of projects and clients. Edit the sections, case studies, and language accordingly.

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Consulting proposal template on

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With the intuitive project proposal template at, you can create a format that’s tailored to your consulting company’s needs. Color-coded sections enable clients to find the desired section at a glance, and the spreadsheet-style layout helps you organize complex details. Add columns for milestones, deliverables, deadlines, and cost estimates — that way, the scope is clear before the client signs the contract. With the formula column, it’s possible to calculate accurate subtotals for different phases.

Your consulting proposal template is useful even after the project is underway; you can pull the information into other parts of your Work OS to ensure the project management is aligned with the original proposal. Use the deliverables to outline your Work Breakdown Structure, and import deadlines into your Project Management Plan to visualize the timeline.

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Related templates on

Customer projects

The Customer Projects Template helps you keep track of all your consulting projects. It pulls in information from both active and finished projects, providing a real-time overview. You can edit the template to include a timeline bar and activity status to keep tabs on progress; columns for billable hours and costs make it easy to monitor spending.


Maintain an updated record of clients, vendors, and independent contractors for your consulting business with the help of the Contacts Template. It stores all pertinent information about each person, including their title, time zone, and contact details. You can also list the referral source and classify contacts into categories, such as leads, customers, and vendors. Add a notes section, and it’s a breeze to record details to work into your consulting proposals down the road.

Supporting sales materials

Are you planning to include case studies, employee profiles, or company information in your consulting proposals? The Supporting Sales Materials Template organizes your files in one spot, so you can browse the options and add them to your proposal in minutes. When your team is creating new documents, this template also helps you verify the status at a glance.

Frequently asked questions

How do you write a consulting proposal?

To write a consulting proposal, start with a summary of the client’s problem. Then, explain the scope of work you’re proposing, along with specific objectives, goals, milestones, timelines, and deliverables. Finally, provide information about your company and leadership team to show clients that you have the expertise and experience to handle the project.

How long should a consulting proposal be?

An effective consulting proposal should be just long enough to communicate key information about deliverables, milestones, results, and company information. It should answer clients’ questions and convince them that your solutions and capabilities are the best choice.

Streamline your consulting business with

Proposals are a big part of bringing in new business for your consulting company. The right template can streamline branding, formatting, and content structure, so you can write comprehensive proposals in less time. With the consulting proposal template from, it’s possible to integrate your initial proposal into the larger project management process for a seamless transition.

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