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Great marketing workflow features and how to prove ROI

Adi Pick 5 min read
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As a fellow marketing team, we know how difficult it can be to keep track and monitor your endless campaigns, ongoing projects, blogs, and remote team members— just to name a few.

But, our job is to make this whole process a little easier, and a lot more visual.

So, in case you missed them, we’ve compiled a list of some of the latest features our development team has concocted that can help you further optimize your marketing workflow!

Without further ado:

1. Capture leads directly from Facebook Ads Manager into to manage your campaigns in one place 🎉

 We’ve amplified our Facebook ads integration to support capturing leads from a Facebook ads form so you can manage your campaigns and your work all in one place.

As part of our ongoing efforts to make capturing leads more efficient, we’ve built a new recipe.

How does it work, you ask?

Go into the FacebookAds integration and choose the following:

when a form is submitted, create an item

Select the form you want to capture leads from, like this:

Facebook Ads integration, how to pick a form

Map the form’s column to your board’s columns, like so:

Map the form’s column to your board’s columns, like so 

And that’s it! From here on out, when a new lead will be captured through a Facebook ad, it will create a new item on the board.

2. Adobe Creative Cloud integration improvements so there’s no need to leave Adobe CC to update your team

In October we announced a new integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, and in recent weeks we decided to make it even more glamorous!

As such, we added new capabilities, such as being able to upload the files you’re working on directly to a files column without ever leaving Adobe CC. This way, when you tag your designer to devise a new blog cover, they don’t even need to leave Adobe CC in order to add it to the board and keep on doing what they do best.

We also added the ability to search in Adobe Creative Cloud to locate boards, groups, and items within, and are now able to support a variety of column types. Pretty snazzy, eh?

Want to know how to take advantage of all the integration offers? Check out this video:

3. Excel integration enhancements making importing data easier than ever

Our integration with Excel is one of our most popular ones, so as always, our incredible R&D team has found some ways to make it even more useful.

It is now easier than ever to import data from Excel, whether it be this quarter’s budget or tracking the different sites that have linked to your content, it’s easy to sync it to an existing board!

We’ll just let these gifs do the talking…

Changing this feature from this:

import excel data what is used to look like

To this: 

excel import gif

On top of that, you can now skip/merge items based on a specific column value to an existing board, so if you need to update the list of leads from a campaign, you can make sure you automatically merge any duplicates and keep your data clean and up to date.

Already wondering how you can import this wizardry to a workflow near you?

Here you go:

4. Our brand new apps marketplace (and its mobile version) to expand your capabilities (and’s)

In October, we launched our apps marketplace, and have since added a mobile version for your convenience.

Haven’t yet discovered what exactly our apps marketplace is? It gives users, partners, and builders the freedom to build apps on top of the platform! In it, you can find incredible ready-made apps that expand the capabilities of the platform and fit your marketing team’s unique needs!

5. Welcome the item card, to make keeping track of moving parts easier

Say goodbye to endless scrolling to find the exact ad/lead/item you’re looking for! With the Item Card, you can now see all your item’s information in one place.

This new feature works by gathering the data from your existing columns and displays it in the form of a card, so it’s much easier to keep track of the different agencies, freelancers, and everyone you’re working with on every campaign you’re working on.

This is particularly useful if your board has a lot of columns, but who doesn’t in the marketing world?

To install it, you will find the Item Card in the Item View Center. To get there, open any of your items and click on “Add View”.

gif showing how to use the item card

Next, select Item Card and click on “Add Widget”. And tada, you are all set! The Item Card will appear as a new tab in your updates section. By clicking on the pencil icon, you can customize which columns you’d like to display in your card.

gif showing how to change type in item card

Once done, you can manage the data of your columns right from the Item Card! 🎉


Hopefully, these updates will make managing everything, more manageable (and as fellow marketers, we know there’s a lot)!

Have ideas or ways that could make your marketing workflow niftier? Don’t hold back, and let us know in the community!

Raised in Vancouver, Adi can now be found in sunny Tel Aviv trying to find the best slice of pizza on this side of the Mediterranean while trying to maintain the stereotype of Canadian politeness, eh?
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