As the shift to remote work continues to affect many people’s daily routine, our R&D team has been working on overdrive to improve our platform. From small UI improvements, to brand new features— we are committed to daily improvements to our platform to help your teams connect, collaborate, and make big impacts— no matter where you are working.

If your team is using during this transition to remote work, these updates are for you.

What you’ll find inside:

  • New Zoom recipe! 
    • We’ve added to our new Zoom integration by allowing you to create an item when a meeting is scheduled, in addition to when it has begun.
  • Define your work status!
    • Let your team know if you’re in the office or working from home so they know how to reach you!
  • Map anything into a dropdown column!
    • Organize any info into a dropdown column!
  • New recipe! Column status updates
    • Avoid long email threads by automating notifications for statuses of groups

New Zoom Recipe!
Because there’s no such thing as too many video calls! (..said no one ever)

But really,  whether you’re an OG or just it’s your first go-around at remote work, you’ve probably realized that video calling plays a big part in staying connected and updated with your team. Last week we announced our new integration with Zoom, and this week we’ve added the ability to create an item once a meeting is scheduled.

This means before the meeting begins you and your team can put important notes, helpful background information and documents, and communicate in context. Then, once the meeting is done the item will be updated with all of the relevant information and you can work on action items from there.


Define your work status

Hey, today I’m working from:🏠💼
Sorry, can’t talk right now I’m:🍹🤧

Let your colleagues know if you’re in the office, working from home, on vacation, or home sick/OOO. This will help you contextualize your communication with your colleagues, like knowing whether to save a room in the office or send a zoom link, and give you insights into how and where your team likes to work.

Mapping lists to dropdown columns
Because everything’s better in a dropdown

Users can now map any information they’d like into a dropdown menu! Let’s say you’re taking advantage of our handy new Zoom integration and want to create a dropdown menu of all of the participants that were in the Zoom call.

You can use mapping to pull that information from Zoom, and still have the flexibility to add free-text options as well!

That means if the person you had a call with invited his colleague Lauren to sit in on the call with him but she was not logged into her account,  you can add her name in free text to include her in the list.

Column status updates
If you don’t know, you can’t celebrate 

Fresh out of the oven, we’ve got a new recipe for you! Without a notification, how will you know you’ve accomplished something?? With this brand new recipe, you can avoid long email threads to sync on statuses and ensure the right person is informed when everything in a group is done.

So when you finally mark your last item as done, you can make sure everyone is informed!

There is a learning curve for most of us when it comes to transitioning into remote work but that means it’s only going to get easier from here. And with the right tools that are working hard to improve your new WFH status it could become, dare I say it, fun.