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Move more processes forward with mobile updates and more 3 min read
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If you’re the kind of person that’s always on the go, might we suggest checking out our latest mobile-first updates on the monday app? Pull on your sneaks, grab your keys, and let’s take a stroll through some fabulous updates you’re sure to love. 


  • My Work mobile redesign

See what’s on your plate, on the go.

  • Manage users on mobile

Edit account members’ permissions straight from your phone.

  • Jira two-way sync

Nix all that C&Ping  between platforms to align dev and other teams.

  • Doc column templates

Get started on your next big thing fast with pre-templated docs.

  • New platform font

Enjoy better reading accessibility and support for international characters.


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My Work mobile redesign

See everything you’re working on at a glance with My Work—your personal, customizable workspace—on the mobile app. We’ve given the mobile version of this space an updated look to make it more intuitive to navigate and use. Check it out via the bottom pane of your monday app.


Manage users on mobile 

Here’s another mobile improvement for you! Account admins can now update the status of account members straight from the monday app. That includes activating, deactivating, and editing permissions for users. A perfect solution for anyone meeting clients, team members, or volunteers out in the field. 


Jira two-way sync

If you work with a development team that uses Jira, you can now seamlessly integrate it with the work you manage on, no sweat. Ensure nothing get’s lost in the shuffle with our new two-way sync. That means when a change is made on Jira, it will automatically update on your relevant boards, and vice versa! 

Here’s where to find the setting.


Doc column templates

Get organized fast by accessing a Doc template of your choice straight from the Settings of a Docs column on a board. It’s a great way to access repetitive Docs more efficiently so you can streamline project planning, note-taking, or reporting processes. 

Learn more about the Doc column here.


New platform font

New, modern font? Yes, please! We’ve updated the font on in order to address user concerns about readability as well as using a font that best supports international characters and symbols. We hope it helps you read and write easier so you can focus your time on what’s really important at work. 


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