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[Webinar] for creative agencies with Kyle McEwen from M Booth Agency

Jenna Stein 1 min read
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Although the initial shock of quarantine has now worn off, people should still look at creative processes from home as an opportunity, and not as an obstacle. Creative teams need to plan for what this “new normal” will offer in terms of new creative vessels filled with endless ideas to explore.

Join this webinar to dive into how creative agency, M Booth, have increased deliverables by 49% since using

During this webinar you will explore the best practices for:

  • The entire design cycle from requests, to execution and delivery
  • Board reporting and successful resource management
  • Project managers’ dashboards for better forecasting and management of upcoming requests
  • A suite of additional boards for managing client timelines, quotes, who’s still online and more!

This is a webinar for creative agencies, teams, and anyone who is involved in any creative processes. You can read the M Booth case study here to get a taste of what to expect!

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