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11 marketing tools sales reps can use to close leads

Zoe Averbuch 9 min read
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Sales reps have always relied on marketing tools to stay relevant, connect with customers, monitor sales data, and communicate with their teams. These days, the physical calendars or notebooks full of data of the past have made way for more modern tools. With the digital apps and customer relationship management (CRM) tools available today, sales reps can streamline their work and become more efficient.

This article will talk about the importance of marketing tools for sales reps and introduce you to several types of tools that can address your workplace needs and put you on the road to success. Though before we jump into the tools, let’s take a step back and look at the value they can bring sales teams.

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Why do sales reps need marketing tools?

Through the use of marketing tools, sales professionals can better understand and shape customer journeys and plan the best way to approach prospective customers. They can also focus their time and effort on tasks that lead to successful sales rather than getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

A few software tools that are especially valuable to sales reps are:

  • Analytics tools that help sales professionals track and evaluate the success of their efforts
  • Document-tracking apps that help organize sales contracts
  • Customer data software that gives salespeople the tools they need to best optimize customer relationships

Sales intelligence and prospecting tools help marketing and sales professionals understand the best way to communicate with potential customers, while tools like CRM software helps you manage your relationships with customers and enhance customer retention.

In addition, sales productivity tools of various sorts facilitate lead generation, proposal creation, marketing automation, and more to help streamline sales reps’ tasks. From CRMs to intelligence apps, sales teams can utilize various tools to improve performance.

What are some of the most common marketing tools for sales reps?

With the right sales and marketing tools, your sales team can follow up on leads, help you understand the numbers you’re seeing, improve communications, and create effective and appealing customer journeys. Take a look at some of the top marketing tools available for sales reps.


Your CRM system is only as good as the data you input into it — and too much information falls through the cracks at most companies. Chorus helps you hang on to potentially lost data by recording and transcribing sales calls in real-time. It extracts insights from your calls to help you analyze what happened and how to win each customer over, and its search capabilities let you find those key exchanges with customers that can make all the difference. Use the analysis you glean from Chorus to train new hires.


If you use all the G-Suite tools, Copper may be your CRM of choice. Because it comes from Google, Copper integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Chrome, Calendar, Google Workspace, and other G Suite apps, delivering a fully featured CRM that’s easy to use with a minimal learning curve. Its workflow management capabilities are simple yet powerful, and it comes at three price points so you can get just the features your business needs.


Successful sales reps understand the importance of data to sales and marketing campaigns — and that’s where Crunchbase shines. This is where you can gain information about investments, industry trends, and companies, whether you’re prospecting a brand-new startup or a Fortune 500 enterprise. Millions of users around the world rely on Crunchbase as a primary source of business data. You can even use Crunchbase as a prospecting tool through its outreach capabilities that connect you to the decision-makers you’re trying to reach.


When you close a deal, you want to get signatures on the contract as quickly as possible. DocuSign facilitates that with best-in-class efficiency, thanks to its eSignature capabilities that allow anyone to sign any document from any location. The software makes it easy to prepare, sign, and manage contracts, and it integrates smoothly with all the top CRM platforms.


This email productivity tool integrates with G-Suite apps to measure and analyze what’s going on with your email, helping you keep an eye on KPIs that include traffic volume by hour or day and average response time to emails. Its interface is simple to use, and it provides regular reports to your sales team so they can track successes and make improvements to your email marketing campaigns as needed.


Intercom is a sales tool that combines targeted messaging with live chat. It enables you to connect with website visitors and browsers, provides conversational engagement during the onboarding process, and delivers live messaging across different devices. Intercom scales well for use by small business up to enterprise-sized organizations. Use it to tailor messages to individual prospects or entire companies, or send in-app messages to users to form relationships and understand customer behavior, especially when users have gotten stuck.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

When they have the right information at their fingertips, your sales reps can thrive. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales intelligence app that integrates with a wide range of sales tools to help you target buyers, follow up on leads, and deliver personalized outreach for effective customer engagement.


If you find your sales and marketing teams are getting siloed across departments or tasks, Prelay can open the doors to working together. This software puts resource allocation, analytics, deal coordination, and communication on one platform, and it integrates well with other workflow apps. Use it across the entire customer journey for tracking and oversight. The ability to see how your teams are using resources allows you to share insights and close more deals.


This account-based marketing software lets you scale your marketing efforts through use of personas, buying stages, and demand generation campaigns. The app’s Data Studio handles the data you need to create campaigns, while its Measurement Studio delivers the type of analytics you need to see what you did right and how you can optimize your campaigns on the fly and in the future. This fully featured software lets you build targeted ads via websites and customer chat with audio and video capabilities, with full engagement across channels.


In recent years, sales teams have learned just how very effective video conferencing can be. The Zoom app has in many ways been at the heart of this revolution in communication, easing the way to get face time with customers and prospects anywhere in the world. The ability to record calls, host webinars, and hold meetings with remote teams makes Zoom a necessity for any sales team hoping to communicate effectively and efficiently.

We think some of these tools are great and use some ourselves. But did you know you can also use as a tool to manage sales processes?

Try monday sales CRM can support sales success across the entire funnel

The sales funnel follows the entire customer journey, from a prospective customer first becoming aware of your company’s products and services to the moment where they take action and make a purchase. Your sales processes touch every part of that journey — and supports you from beginning to end. Our software and templates provide you with CRM support and point you to the right marketing strategies for each part of the funnel.

At, we provide tools to help you execute social media marketing, organic SEO, PPC ads, and more. As you reach prospective customers, we can help you track each customer who moves into your sales funnel. Boards with customizable fields help organize data so you can plan and personalize contacts with customers, boosting sales engagement and moving customers towards a desired action. Not sure how to get started with for sales processes? Start with some of our marketing or sales templates and customize them to your approach.

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A few marketing templates sales reps can use to get started

Several marketing templates from stand out when it comes to moving your sales team toward success. The marketing strategy template enables you to track all marketing strategies and align them with yearly and quarterly goals. Its marketing management capabilities help you budget accurately and efficiently, and its automated processes boost collaboration and keep you on deadline.

Pair that template with’s marketing campaign template, which helps you drill down into the details of your campaigns with tools that include timelines, expense trackers, and automations. This handy template imports straight from Excel for your ease of use, and it integrates smoothly with Facebook, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, and other tools.

If you’re itching to dive into the world of marketing tools to boost your sales team’s efforts, our FAQ section provides some essential context to help you get started.


What are sales strategies?

Sales strategies are the actions and decisions that sales and marketing teams take to present products to new customers and to close deals with customers.

What is a CRM tool?

A CRM tool is technology that enables you to manage all your company’s interactions with customers through one software platform. It encompasses sales, marketing, contact management, e-commerce, and customer services throughout the sales cycle and customer lifecycle.

What are the best lead generation tools? 

Among the top lead generation tools are OptinMonster, Leadfeeder, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and Mailchimp. These tools do everything from automating email marketing and sales processes to creating landing pages and handling social media interactions.

Boost sales productivity with

Marketing tools can boost your sales team’s productivity and help them direct their focus so they’re using their time profitably. With’s helpful templates and Work OS, your team can crunch data, stay organized, and optimize their interactions with customers. Working with the right marketing tools for sales reps puts you on track to crush your goals.

Zoe is a New Jersey native gone Telavivian and marketing fanatic. On a typical day, you can find her writing about the latest in tech whilst making her 10th cup of coffee.
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