20 Marketing & Design Pros Who Can Help You Boost Your Productivity

Maximizing and quickening production from talented yet independent teams are among the top challenges for today’s marketing and design leaders.

In these synergistic creative settings, each individual brings their own unique skills and style, but the true key to competitive advantage lies in tapping a group’s collective potential.

Marketers and Designers Who Preach Productivity

How can you push your team to reach new heights together, and encourage the best collaborations possible? There’s no single, universally-applicable set of recommendations, so it’s best to stay open to a variety of viewpoints on inclusively powering up productivity.

For those looking to overcome collaborative barriers and get the most out of their people, we’ve put together this list of 20 top pros from the marketing and design sphere worth following. These inspiring authors, speakers, executives, and entrepreneurs are masters of efficiency and outside-the-box thinking. They draw from their own diverse experiences to help others in the field unlock new levels of productivity and performance.

Add them to your social feeds, and you’ll unlock a variety of new lenses through which to view this fast-changing, demanding, exciting world. As a result, you just might find a little more clarity amidst the chaos.

20 Marketers and Designers Who Preach Productivity

  1. Marie Forleo

CEO of Marie Forleo International, Author

Twitter | LinkedIn

Marie Forleo

Why You Should Follow Marie: Her recently published book Everything is Figureoutable exemplifies how Marie frames the path to personal improvement in actionable terms anyone (especially creatives) can understand. Even her motivational messaging carries an unusual amount of substance.

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  1. Brian Solis

Author, Keynote Speaker, and Digital Analyst

Twitter | LinkedIn

Brian Solis

Why You Should Follow Brian: The word “thought leader” gets tossed around a lot these days, but Brian really fits the bill. He’s on the cutting edge of digital technology and consistently shares a wealth of insight about its advancement – particularly how we as humans are affected. His latest book, Lifescale, is all about breaking through digital distractions to unleash creativity and productivity.

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  1. Jay Baer

Founder of Convince & Convert, Keynote Speaker, and Author

Twitter | LinkedIn

Jay Baer

Why You Should Follow Jay: He is legendary on the speaking circuit – for his engaging and hilarious delivery as much as his distinct plaid suits – and brings plenty of big ideas to the table, including his Talk Triggers concept for generating word of mouth. Marketing leaders will learn a lot from Jay about maximizing teamwork and collaboration.

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  1. Shama Hyder

Founder and CEO of Zen Media, Keynote Speaker, and Author

Twitter | LinkedIn

Shama Hyder

Why You Should Follow Shama: With a long list of accomplishments compiled in a relatively short time, Shama is recognized as one of the nation’s leading young entrepreneurs. She draws from her depth of experience to help others bypass common obstacles and pursue goals with laser-like focus. Shama’s perspectives are especially relatable for fellow millennials.

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  1. Marsha Collier

President of the Collier Company, Author, and Podcaster

Twitter | LinkedIn

Marsha Collier

Why You Should Follow Marsha: She has written nearly 50 books (!). As someone who sometimes finds it difficult to complete a 500-word blog post, I’m simply amazed. Marsha has authored many installments in the “For Dummies” series, which speaks to her ability to simplify information and provide functional advice. Marsha specializes in technology, customer service, and social media.

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  1. Christian Maxwell (Byshe)

Chief Marketing Strategist and Founder of Studio Maxwell

LinkedIn | YouTube

Christian Maxwell

Why You Should Follow Christian: A self-taught and self-made marketing and design maven, Christian is authentic and deeply engaged with her audience. She talks frequently about a common challenge for women in business: balancing busy work schedules with the demands of being a mom.

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  1. Rebekah Randice

CEO of RadiantLA and Rebekah Radice Media, Social Media and Marketing Performance Strategist

Twitter | LinkedIn

Rebekah Randice

Why You Should Follow Rebekah: She’s extremely results-oriented, focusing primarily on social media as an avenue for business growth. The size of Rebekah’s engaged online community reflects her authority in a challenging space. She hosts a popular podcast called Brand Authority that explores online brand-building.

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  1. Peg Fitzpatrick

Marketing + Social Media Manager at Kreussler Inc., Visibility Strategist, and Author

Twitter | LinkedIn

Peg Fitzpatrick

Why You Should Follow Peggy: She’s a genuine motivator and positive force in your feeds. Peggy is a master of turning social media from enemy of productivity to ally, and she co-authored one of the definitive books on the subject with Guy Kawasaki.

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  1. Michael Brenner

CEO of Marketing Insiders, Keynote Speaker, and Author

Twitter | LinkedIn

Michael Brenner

Why You Should Follow Michael: His breadth of experience is incredible, having worked at dozens of different companies over the years, including a multitude of leadership roles. He specializes in employee engagement, and leveraging empathy to connect with others and help them produce their best work.

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  1. Lisa Sicard

Social Media Management Expert, Owner of Inspire to Thrive

Twitter | LinkedIn

Lisa Sicard

Why You Should Follow Lisa: Describing herself as a “social media time saver,” Lisa is all about finding smart efficiencies and hidden opportunities to spur growth. With more than a quarter-century of experience in marketing and advertising, she dishes tips on boosting ROI and emphasizes small business growth especially.

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  1. Deb Lee

Digital Productivity Coach

Twitter | LinkedIn

Deb Lee

Why You Should Follow Deb: She’s a master of leveraging technology to increase productivity. Deb zeroes in on the best ways to take advantage of tech to get more done in less time. From calendars to CRMs to communication to project management, she covers every element of modern operational success.

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  1. Carla Johnson

Global Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author

Twitter | LinkedIn

Carla Johnson

Why You Should Follow Carla: An avid globetrotter and elite storyteller, Carla incorporates wide-ranging perspectives colored by her journeys. With a broad leadership background, she helps extract maximum creativity and innovation from teams.

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  1. Aaron Orendorff

Founder of iconiContent and Forbes Top 10 B2B Content Marketer

Twitter | LinkedIn

Aaron Orendorff

Why You Should Follow Aaron: He’s a potent creator who resonates with writers and marketers. Aaron’s stated mission is to save the world from bad content and that’s a cause we can all get behind. The former Editor in Chief of Shopify Plus says it like it is, with candor that cuts through the typical parade of best practices.

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  1. Jacob Cass

Founder and Creative Director at JUST Creative

Twitter | LinkedIn

Jacob Cass

Why You Should Follow Jacob: He is a design wiz and branding expert, as well as an outside-the-box thinker who offers copious creative guidance for his audience. As an active freelancer, Jacob works with tons of different organizations, and sees art direction from every angle.

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  1. Debbie Millman

Founder and Host of Design Matters Podcast, Designer, Author, Illustrator

Twitter | LinkedIn

Debbie Millman

Why You Should Follow Debbie: In addition to running one of the world’s longest-running podcasts, Debbie is also a Chair for the Masters Program in Branding at the School of Visual Arts. She’s been named “one of the most creative people in business” by Fast Company and produces stunning visual essays. Formerly the Editorial & Creative Director at Print Magazine, she has a finger on the pulse of modern design.

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  1. Owen Gildersleeve

Freelance Designer and Illustrator

Twitter | LinkedIn

Owen Gildersleeve

Why You Should Follow Owen: Owen is not only a talented designer, but also an ardent collaborator, teaming with other artists to create amazing work. Whether you’re a fledgling freelancer or a longtime creative director, you’ll find insights you can use by following him.

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  1. Stephen Gates

Head Design Evangelist at InVision, Podcast Host

Twitter | LinkedIn

Stephen Gates

Why You Should Follow Stephen: His podcast, The Crazy One, is hugely popular among the creative crowd. Stephen breaks down processes, workflows, and leadership, pulling from an extensive background working with major global brands.

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  1. Nesha Woolery

Graphic Designer and Solopreneur Coach

Twitter | YouTube

Nesha Woolery

Why You Should Follow Nesha: She is in tune with the specific stresses and difficulties faced by solopreneurs and freelancers who are juggling numerous responsibilities while trying to grow. Organization and simplification are Nesha’s foundational principles.

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  1. Julia McCoy

CEO of Express Writers

Twitter | LinkedIn

Julia McCoy

Why You Should Follow Julia: As a serial entrepreneur who has built four strong brands, Julia is an educator to the core, regularly sharing what’s worked for her in the name of helping others succeed. Her Content Hacker venture is all about uncovering creative ways to boost revenues with limited resources.

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  1. Holly Locastro

B2B Marketing Consultant and Founder of The Marketing Project

Twitter | LinkedIn

Holly Locastro

Why You Should Follow Holly: Her agency, The Marketing Project, is described as “a collective of roll-up-your-sleeves marketers who harness the power of the virtual workforce to deliver and execute robust B2B marketing plans without the huge overheads or inefficiencies of the big marketing agencies.” We love that she advocates for productivity with a purpose.

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Follow Along and Accomplish More

No matter what your unique circumstances, you’re bound to come across advice you can use from this illustrious list of highly productive marketing and design leaders. Add them to your feeds and take control of your work today.