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CRM and Sales

Why sales enablement is critical for sales teams

Allie Kashkash 7 min read
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Sales enablement processes bring together your sales teams with the right tools and information in order to identify opportunities and close deals. The process integrates both the marketing and the sales teams in almost all situations.

In this blog, we’ll dive into sales enablement, why it’s a critical part of any sales team’s process and how monday sales CRM can help organizations boost sales enablement strategies by automating sales processes and giving reps the full sales picture at any given moment.

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What is sales enablement? 

To put it short, sales enablement is giving your salespeople the tools to sell, or in other words, training them to sell.

This includes necessary training programs, content that is relevant to their field, events, literature, and more. The end goal is to provide them with everything they need to make sure they are closing deals as successfully, and quickly, as they can.

What does a sales enablement process look like? Depending on the organization, the resources available to allow for sales enablement may include:

  • Organized access to information including sales decks, assets, and links to relevant content, so that sales reps can stay informed and share with clients when necessary
  • Selling points that salespeople can use during or after sales calls
  • Dashboards that provide an overview of leads and opportunities and insights regarding them

Other companies use high-quality blog posts, eBooks, case studies, and email templates to boost their sales enablement strategy. By adding these assets to a sales enablement system or CRM, salespeople are able to gain quick access to the information they need to share with leads on the spot. And that, of course, always looks impressive in the eyes of a potential customer.

How to use your CRM to push your sales enablement strategy

When you think about it, sales enablement is essentially bringing your CRM (customer relationship management) to life. A CRM is a system full of data regarding customers and interactions, progress, KPIs, and so much more.

uses a CRM software in the right manner will be at a distinct advantage — by having the information and opportunities to implement a sales enablement strategy and process.

CRM software is your gateway to sales. By having an overarching look at the sales process, leads, opportunities, losses, and the process along the way, salespeople (and those who are in charge of them) have the chance to understand the process of sales and where things may go wrong.

Not only that, a CRM is a great place to house information, trainings, strategy docs, and even a place to brainstorm with one another. With’s Sales Enablement CRM Template you’ll have an easy time getting started.

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Real-world sales enablement strategies and examples

There are quite a few companies getting sales enablement right. Let’s take a look at a successful example.

By integrating sales enablement technology, PepsiCo was able to push relevant information to marketers and salespeople about constantly changing pricing and promotions. At first, PepsiCo recognized that this information still wasn’t being used in the field after six months.

So they set out to build a content strategy that would keep the sales and marketing people aligned to boost sales. And it worked. They became more efficient, more communicative, and more productive in sales meetings.

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The benefits of a sales enablement strategy

Having a sales enablement plan allows everyone in the company, from sales to the CEO, to get aligned with the sales strategy and your training program.

A successful sales enablement strategy allows a company to:

  • Educate their sales team regarding relevant matters
  • Integrate technology in their sales process to make sure sales is always focused on the right data
  • Use the power of teams to combine data and knowledge to support one another
  • Support ongoing trainings to enhance skills and knowledge that have shown to be lacking
  • Get to know customers and their needs better

Sales enablement best practices

By this point, it’s clear that any company serious about selling should have a sales enablement strategy. But, how can you make sure it succeeds? Here are a few sales enablement best practices.

  1. Make sure reps have access to all of the content they need. There’s nothing more impressive then sending over the right white paper, eBook, or case study in the middle of a sales call to show that your sales rep is on top of his/her game.
  2. Give your team ongoing training. A great onboarding process for the sales team is critical to get into business. But, let’s face it, it’s just as important to refresh skills and learn new ones as the sales team grows. A sales enablement strategy helps management understand what the sales team needs to learn and makes it happen.
  3. Use technology. If your team doesn’t have access to the right tools, great information won’t be able to help them. With the proper CRM, sales (and marketing) will be able to exchange info, provide data and feedback, and streamline processes.

Sales enablement made easy with monday sales CRM

monday sales CRM solution allows any team to implement a sales enablement strategy with ease. By giving teams an overarching view of their sales pipeline, lead capturing and management, marketing activities, and customer projects in a fully customizable solution, teams boost productivity and sales.

With monday sales CRM, the sales process is transparent to everyone, allowing teams to work better together to meet KPIs and move organizations forward. Enjoy sales enablement features like document management, automations that alert team members when new materials are available, and more.

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Still unsure about why having a sales engagement platform is so important for your organization? Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions.


What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is giving a sales team all of the information and tools that they need to sell in an efficient and effective manner. This includes integrating the marketing department and its strategies in order to generate leads and then lead them down the sales pipeline when they reach the sales team.

What are sales enablement tools?

A sales enablement tool gives users in an organization oversight of the entire sales enablement process in an organized manner. This means that sales teams not only have the appropriate data to make sales but also have easy access to it when necessary to close deals quickly and efficiently.

What is a sales enablement manager?

A sales enablement manager is responsible for making a company’s sales team work effectively by supporting the team and its interaction with other departments (for example marketing). The sales enablement manager makes sure that the sales team has access to all of the tools and information it needs to be productive and close deals.

Boost your earnings potential by managing your sales enablement strategy on monday sales CRM

Building a successful sales enablement strategy is an important part of any sales team’s success today. Integrating technology and applicable tools is the best way to ensure that the information you need is getting to the right people in the organization.

That’s where comes into play. Our CRM makes sales enablement simple and effective so that your salespeople always have access to the right information when they need it.

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