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CRM and Sales

monday sales CRM vs. monday work management

Jackie Goldberg 4 min read
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The universe of products is always expanding and we’ve received a lot of questions from you, our customers, about when to use which product.

Here, we’re focusing on two products that may seem interchangeable but, in fact, have some pretty big differences that can affect how efficiently you work: monday work management and monday sales CRM.

Let’s start with our most frequently asked question:

What’s the difference between monday work management and monday sales CRM?

While the underlying Work OS building blocks that each product runs on are the same, the products themselves have some big differences.

These building blocks are things like boards, automations, dashboards, and the other core elements that make up any account. The differences between the two products are in how the building blocks help customers get work done within each product.

monday work management enables individuals and teams to manage any kind of work with ultimate flexibility. You can learn more about monday work management here.

monday sales CRM enables sales teams to manage their entire sales cycle from pre- to post-sales. So, when it comes to managing a sales team, there are unique features and functionalities in monday sales CRM that make sales workflows easier to set up and smoother to run. You can learn more about monday sales CRM here.

Which product should you use?

We know that some people use monday work management to run their sales pipeline. And we’re not surprised. After all, It’s a super customizable and powerful platform that can manage any kind of work.

But, we recommend that sales teams manage their work on monday sales CRM. Here’s why:

  • There’s a unique set of features that are available only in monday sales CRM – like mass emailing, the funnel widget, and the leaderboard widget, and more. There will continue to be new features released exclusively for monday sales CRM customers.
  • Workspaces come loaded with pre-made boards, called “entity boards”, and include the essentials for running a sales pipeline (think: leads, accounts, activities, and more.) This makes setting up the stages of your CRM simple and quick.
  • Entity boards operate slightly differently from regular boards – they’re already connected to each other via automations. As your team works, items will be automatically updated and adjusted and new connections will be created based on triggers you set.
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Can monday work management and monday sales CRM work together?

Of course! The two products are siblings in the family. They’re built specifically to work seamlessly together so your sales-related teams can use a CRM and everyone else can use the monday work management platform they know and love. Both products live under your organization’s account.

Switching between the two products takes just one click and team members and departments can still tag each other and communicate with full visibility, no matter what product they’re using.

What features are unique to monday sales CRM?

There are certain features that are essential to a CRM and are available only within monday sales CRM. Here are some of our most loved CRM-only features:

We’re constantly launching new features for our CRM so follow us on social media or join our community to stay in the loop.

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The bottom line

We recommend using monday sales CRM as the jumping-off point for your CRM, which you can then customize to fit your unique sales pipeline.

If you’re looking to connect multiple departments or teams using, we recommend setting up your sales team in monday sales CRM and setting up all other teams in monday work management. Because these two products are within the family, they work together seamlessly so the entire organization can work and communicate in one unified experience.

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