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Brittany Berger

Brittany Berger is a contributor to the blog and freelance writer for SaaS companies. You can follow her on Twitter at @thatbberg

6 articles published by this author

Improve Team Performance

5 ways for new managers to improve team performance

In some ways, becoming a new manager is like becoming a new parent. Thankfully, dirty diapers aren’t one of...

5 min read

Skype alternatives
Remote work

Top 6 Skype alternatives for businesses

If there’s an OG of voice over IP services, Skype is it. The software was one of the first video ...

9 min read

Functional Silos

How to break down functional silos in your organization...

Silos are good for grains, but have no place in your business’s hierarchy. Has your company ever had two...

7 min read

Great Managers Focus on Outcomes

Why great managers focus on outcomes, not output

Does your to-do list today give you a full picture of the scope of your job? Does it accurately portray ...

8 min read

Conduct Performance Review

A new manager’s guide to conducting performance...

Anyone who’s seen the movie Office Space has likely developed an unconscious distaste for performance...

5 min read

Stakeholder analysis: the ultimate guide
Project management

Stakeholder analysis: the ultimate guide

When you first started, you loved how much of project management involved your superstar scheduling and...

9 min read