The solution for the needle-moving product manager helps you easily manage all your roadmaps, plans, challenges and KPIs in one place so you can focus on creating products that your customers love.
Customize. Everything.
A solution tailored to your ever evolving needs. Stop being managed by tools.
Keep everyone in the know
Let people see the big picture and understand how their actions make an impact.
Plan, launch, learn, repeat
Bring ideas from the drawing board into production and watch them grow
Manage everything in one place
Organize all your work in, whether it's specs, opportunities, design assets or development tasks and collaborate with your team members in context so that everyone is aligned, know where things stand and how they should move forward.
Stay on top of everything
Easily manage high level roadmaps
Stay focused on what's important. Share with your team to keep everyone on track. Easily integrate with your calendar.
Task management
Set priorities, statuses, and deadlines
Better planning leads to easier execution. Plan your development iterations and monitor their progress.
Share the plan. Visually.
Share KPIs, specs, design assets, BI reports and ideas with all departments in your organization, all in one place.
User feedback
Capture what your users are saying
Don't miss valuable insights from your customer. Log all calls, emails, surveys and interactions in one place.
Variety of templates
Product Roadmap
Launch Checklist
Task Management
Stories from our community
Prioritize creative projects
"Keeps your team organized all in ONE PLACE!"
Jenn Gehl, Beachwaver
Full picture of tasks in the business unit
"It allows to have everything in one place. Compared to JIRA the UX is much better and smoother!"
Orly Gerassi Ganor,
Natural Inteligence
Engineering Task Management
"Visual task and productivity management all in one place"
Britanny Carter, Wizr