Marketing management done right helps you easily manage all your marketing assets and campaigns from planning to execution. Never miss a deadline, stay on top of your tasks, and stay in sync with your team and clients.
See where things stand at a glance
See your entire marketing schedule at a glance and keep your team in sync
Collaborate like never before
Collaborating across teams has never been easier! List your requirements, include briefs, set priority, and track progress
Customized to best fit your workflows
You can customize almost anything and make fit to your specific workflow
Manage everything in one place
Marketing planning is better when it's visual! See your entire marketing schedule at a glance, list tasks, and assign them between team members. Set deadlines, track progress, and see exactly where things stand at all times. Finally get rid of painfully long email threads and cut down on meetings.
Timeline view
Plan your marketing campaigns with ease
List tasks and assign them between team members. Group tasks or view them on a timeline. Easily edit, update, and keep everyone in sync.
Stay on top of everything
Assign tasks & track progress
All team members can update the status of their tasks, so everyone can see where campaigns stand at a glance.
File Management
Upload & organise your files
Keep all design files, photos, print templates, and digital files in context. Easily upload files to their relevant tasks. Have everything needed to go live in one centralised dashboard, available to all team members.
Never miss a deadline
Manage all your campaign in a single, collaborative calendar, set deadlines, and see where your team stands at any point. Track time spent on each task and get notified with any delay.
Time Tracking
Track time spent on each task
If you bill by the hour, pay by the hour, or simply want to keep track of time invested in each campaign and task, you can click to start and stop your time tracking clock, all from the same place where you manage your tasks and campaigns.
Variety of templates
Marketing Calendar
Campaign Tracking
Project Overview
Stories from our community
"It helps us to track where we stand, know when we get stuck, and celebrate when we complete goals"
Randy Doleman, Faith Bible Church
" offered us a visually comfortable and easy to use interface for everyone, It is almost impossible to forget something."
Alejandra Doncel, Proyectos
"It increases efficiency and overall communication, we are able to finish this within a week as opposed to previously. Without, it took us almost a month"
Jelena Tomic, Bell