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Privacy is more than just a policy

My journey started years ago, back when it was called ‘dapulse’ and I was working for one of its very first customers. Then, in early 2018— with over a decade of privacy work under my belt— I had the fortune of being appointed as the Data Protection Officer at

Together with’s privacy, security and legal teams, as well as numerous champions and countless allies across the organization, we set out to build and lead our privacy program to new heights. We continue to empower our customers who trust us with their data, and protect the privacy of those millions of individuals whose data we process.

A lot has changed over the years at as it became one of the fastest growing and most innovative SaaS providers in the world. Yet’s privacy principles and commitment remain the same:

Customer data belongs to the customer. Your personal data is yours. We’re here to secure that. To honor your trust in us and ensure that your privacy and rights are protected.

This is not one of those lip service commitments you’re used to seeing at the top of every other privacy policy. This is also not something we simply say for mere legal compliance. We genuinely care about your privacy, and hope that through this page and the resources we publish, we will be able to demonstrate to you our ongoing commitment.

If you have read through everything and still haven’t found what you were looking for; or if you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please drop us a line at

We appreciate any and all feedback received, as we look to do our best by you and your data.


Aner Rabinovitz – Data Protection Officer at

Does comply with privacy legislation around the world?

Our global privacy program is generally based on the most comprehensive and advanced data protection regulations in the world, with the EU GDPR serving as our “north star” for doing privacy the right way.

In the event that any particular and special requirements would directly apply to us under a local law or regulation, in our capacity as our customer’s data processor, we would address those requirements in accordance with our obligations under law and our Data Processing Addendum with such customer.

Interested in how we’re addressing privacy laws or regulations around the world? Read more below: & the GDPR & the CCPA & the Australian Privacy Act and Principles
HIPAA Business Associate Agreement & Canada’s PIPEDA & Brazil’s LGPD

Controllers and Processors

The GDPR defines and distinguishes between two primary roles when it comes to collecting and processing personal data: data controllers and data processors.

A data controller determines the means and purposes for processing personal data, while a data processor is a party that processes data on behalf of the controller. is the data controller of personal data relating to its customers, users, and website visitors. This is further explained in our Privacy Policy. is the data processor of personal data that its customers and users submit to the platform (into their boards and items within their account), and processes this data on its customer’s behalf. We do so in accordance with the Data Processing Addendum entered into with our customer. The third party service providers we use to help us process this data are our “sub-processors”.

Does offer a Data Processing Addendum (DPA)?

Yes. We provide all our customers with the opportunity to enter a Data Processing Addendum, for ensuring the protection and proper processing of personal data that we process on their behalf. You can view and execute our Data Processing Addendum (DPA) online (see here).

Does engage with any sub-processors?

Yes - we engage selected third party service providers to help us process our customers’ data on their behalf. A list of our sub-processors can be found here.

We hold our sub-processors to high industry standards with respect to data security and privacy, and consider both areas as critical in our vendor selection process. Among others, we have ensured that Data Processing Addendums and other relevant documentation are in place with all of our sub-processors, and perform privacy and security assessments and questionnaire-based audits, all in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Does engage in cross-border transfers of personal data?

Yes. Ltd. is headquartered in Israel, with offices and teams located in the US, UK, Australia, the Ukraine and Guatemala. Our sub-processors are also situated in various countries, as detailed on our sub-processors page.

When we transfer personal data from the EU to other countries. We rely on the lawful transfer mechanisms in the GDPR, such as the “adequacy decisions” made by the European Commission (e.g. the decisions deeming the UK and Israel as providing an adequate level of protection to personal data originating from the EU), and the EU Standard Contractual Clauses. (see here our Legal Portal).

As of January 2021, offers multi-region capabilities, allowing our customers the choice of having their data hosted either in the USA or Germany. For more information, please visit

Has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

Yes. We have appointed privacy veteran Aner Rabinovitz as our Data Protection Officer, for monitoring and advising on’s ongoing privacy compliance, and serving as a point of contact on privacy matters for data subjects and supervisory authorities. Aner may be reached at

Did designate EU and UK Representatives?

Yes. has designated VeraSafe as its EU Representative under Article 27 of the EU GDPR; and UK 2020 Limited as its UK Representative under Article 27 of the UK GDPR.

Our EU Representative VeraSafe may be contacted only on matters related to the processing of personal data, through this contact form.

Our UK Representative UK 2020 Limited may be contacted via email, at [].

Does create and maintain Records of Processing Activities on behalf of its customers?

Our customers, as the controllers of such data, should maintain a comprehensive and detailed record for their own purposes and compliance posture, including with respect to the personal data they have processed via, and the data subjects to whom such data relates., as a data processor, maintains a general record of its processing activities. However, we do not monitor the specific data that is being processed on behalf of our customers, and therefore the records we maintain will not address those.

Does permit governmental authorities access to its customers’ data? does not permit governmental authorities free access to any customers’ data held with us. We very rarely receive any requests from authorities (in the US or otherwise) to disclose customer data, and in the rare few instances where we have received such requests in previous years— these were limited in scope, and addressed very legitimate grounds for requesting such data (e.g. suspected illegal activity related to that particular account).

In any event, disclosure would be limited only to such data which is strictly necessary under law, after the request has been reviewed by our Legal and Privacy teams to ensure it is valid and warranted. We use our best efforts to notify our customers before we make such disclosure, unless we are prohibited from doing so or are unable to due to a potential risk. More information can be found in section 4 (“Data Sharing”) to our Privacy Policy.