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Real Estate Solution

Solution bypartner

Jump-start and streamline common brokerage scenarios including real estate operations and property management.

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  • Use case: MarketingOperationsProject management
  • Industry: Real estate
  • Region: North America

Welcome to your comprehensive solution for addressing the challenges of the residential and commercial real estate market. This solution includes 16 boards with multiple additional views, four dashboards, 100+ automations, and integrations with leading marketplace apps such as Zillow, Follow Up Boss, DocuSign, HubSpot, & more.

The custom deal transaction flow covers the entire process beginning with a property being placed on the market all the way to close and commission payouts. Additionally, the solution includes leased property management, construction and renovation tracking, and office operations.

Key features

  • Real estate transaction process
  • Leased property management
  • Property construction and renovation tracking
  • Integrations with leading real estate software
  • Multiple dashboards and automations


  • Custom onboarding, training, and implementation services
  • Ongoing development of new features