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Resource Allocation Solution

Solution bypartner

Capacity planning and resource visibility across all projects - go beyond resource demand.

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  • Use case: OperationsProject management
  • Industry: Cross-industry
  • Region: Global

For any project management, whether a creative set of assets is needed, or construction of a new site is planned, a complete list of resources, their capacity, and cost is a must. Not just for a single project, but across all projects – especially where resources are shared.
Every project manager drives towards that kind of transparency; but it is tough when different tools or software are used, different resources are leveraged, and different projects are in motion.
If that sounds familiar, then and AXANEXA can help with our Resource Allocation app.

Key features

  • Tangible increase in efficiency
  • Better visibility across all projects
  • Increased awareness of cost
  • Complete solution to the problem of knowing resource/asset capacity
  • Can be leveraged for team members, equipment, assets, and/or any other resource where capacity is measured


  • Solution installation
  • Delivery of training on usage and features
  • Detailed ‘How to’ guides
  • Adjustments for bug fixes and maintenance are included
  • Custom adjustments and/or additions scoped separately

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