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Advertising Management Solution

Solution bypartner

A fully-automated solution designed to streamline all of the day-to-day activities of an advertising firm.

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  • Use case: MarketingOperationsProject management
  • Industry: Advertising
  • Region: Global

The matrix DevOps Advertising Solution will save employees and managers a whole lot of time and effort trying to collaborate, manage their work and manage ROI. From simple tasks such as data entry and scheduling to large campaigns and project management, you can manage it all in one easy, automated, intuitive, and centralized application.


Key features

  • Brief creation and brief management
  • Auto assignment of the different personas to the relevant briefs and tasks
  • Traffic management
  • Campaign management
  • Collaterals management
  • Task management of the different departments: Account management, Creative, Production, Studio, Media etc.
  • Managerial dashboards for all the above departments a firm management dashboard.
  • "Make" integration to ensure your customer’s data security and integrity.


  • Customization/Tailoring of the solution for the specific needs of each customer
  • Integration development services
  • Customer success management
  • Training

About the partner

At Matrix DevOps, we don’t focus on clients who need obvious, straightforward solutions; for the past two decades, we’ve done our best work when presented with a complex blend of processes, people, business requirements, and a tangle of legacy applications that simply aren’t quite up to the job. With we provide our clients a flexible and tailored way to manage all business processes in 1 place. We are happy to help you evaluate or implement it in your company.

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Contact information

Address: Abba Eban Blvd 3, Herzliya

Phone: 972528725371